What is “Production Hacking?”

My Photoshop CC Certification, License ADB341167

I was trying to come up with a term thinking “What it is it I’ve really been doing over these years?” Well it’s in fact a series of tricks like a jester pulling a tweak out of his hat. I decided to call it Production Hacking as it was the shortest term I could conjure that self-described what I’ve been doing.

What is Production Hacking Capable Of?

As to what I know it covers Illustration, Vectors, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Characters, Stories, Songs, Editing, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Compositing, Scripting, etc. each with their own subsets or related skills and knowledge as well as with multiple platforms, digital, analog or mechanical and methods for accomplishing each. This will also include programming in Java and C# as well as electronics-related projects, current game engines, conversion tools, technical or creative topics and more.

My Motion Graphics Demo Reel From 2013

But “Who Am Sharif?” (I know it’s bad Grammar, just having fun)

For 18 years now since the tender age of 12 I have been manipulating computers and devices (which date back even further) to realize creative results from transferring my original anime pin-up drawings to Illustrator, colouring in Photoshop, and doing Simpsons parody 3D animation in 3DSMax back in 1998 or Bomberman 64 inspired animation, to nowadays being Photoshop Certified in Ps CC, Studying Computer Science (Engineering Technology) in college, while having a diverse portfolio in the fields of TV, Music, Marketing, News, Sports, & Magazines.

Paulini Performing A Song I Wrote To Promote Table Tennis, Ping Pong With My Heart

Japan is of particular interest to me since I lived there nearly 4 years and am married into Japanese with a wife and two children.

Funny Musical Animated Short Produced Independently As A Learning Project

In any case I have a lot to share about what I’ve learned over the years producing all kinds of content and will be happy to deliver it through my brand of Production Hacking.

It would also make me happy to see others collate and form a Production Hacking community where we can drive up production efficacy to its max.

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