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The Interplanetary Mysteries of an IPBI Investigator | Production Hackers Original (Short Story)

In the future, when interplanetary travel is common. Many other planets with human beings have been discovered with full societies and cultures of their own. People have learned the different languages and business as well as the economy has opened up between the currently discovered planets with human inhabitation. The level of development between planets …

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Daily Drawing Storyboard Excerpts 2 #Draft

This time I’m sharing another storyboard excerpt as found in the previous Daily Drawing Digitizing The Archives 3 posting. This time for the graphic novel I was working on in Japan based on the Mitsuru Jojima’s book, Ogi: The Life of Ichiro Ogimura. A finalized pencil drawing of Ogimura was also included in a previous post.

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Daily Drawing: Graphic Novel P. 2 (Design, Poem, & 3D Animation) [V. 3 Update] #Draft

Today’s page features the spectre of “The Great Beast” a humungous dark force of nasty beings out to drain the life force of everything flying onto the horizon. We then see an ancient lizard master handing a special weapon. Finally we see the city ninja girl with the weapon in hand ready to defeat ghosts …

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Daily Drawing: Graphic Novel Pg. 1 (Pencils, Poem, Animation, & Scoring) [Update 4] #Draft

Last night, I decided, as I do every once in a while, to updated my schedule. Sometimes I do so in order to increase focus, minimize waste and produce at the highest efficiency. This time I modified my schedule to increase the challenge I put on myself to increase my productivity, output, and progress. This …

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