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Why Is The New Myspace

Over the past few years, I as many others on the inter webs from the hardcore intent nerds to the internet dinosaurs, those who first came in in the IRC days while others just now or on new platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. From wherever you come from chances are you’re on the major social …

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The Modern Game Dev Predicament #SimpleSolutions

With the great advancement in hardware power and graphical computation today the gaming industry has been facing an ever developing challenge, one that has only become more apparent within starting from the last 10 years or less. This problem is that with the greater power and computational standards available in today’s latest systems, gamers simultaneously …

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Updating the Diverse Presentation Styles of Retro Games

In the vain of the 32-bit generation, based on the presentation of JRPGs like Final Fantasy (FF)7, we should make modern games with the same kind of graphical dynamic to add interest and originality to the very high-end, yet currently one-note market in the AAA industry. The difference with the format of the old game …

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