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“Sharif @ Night” “Are They A SCAM!?” Livestream Series Completed

Last week I completed an entire series of nightly streams reviewing top internet marketers and gurus who have been recently advertising heavily, reviewing their content to give you the gist of whether each may or may not be a match for you, the pros, cons and considerations before jumping on their products and programs. The …

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The 3 Business Pipelines & The Roles Of Each

Image credit: In your business there are three major pipelines, sometimes confused with one another but are distinctly different, each is relevant and important to your business, and one without the other would probably result in the 90%+ outcome of startups, failure. To better the chances of your successes after losses or to maintain and …

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How To #Hijack Social Media In 5 Steps (+ 3 Example Workflows) | #5Steps

General Workflow 1. Watch video, read article, listen to podcast, etc… 2. Comment on the above media based on what concerned you. 3. Copy and paste said comment into Facebook or equivalent medium and style 4. Screen shot the output from Facebook or similar powerful social media tool 5. Post that screenshot with selectable text …

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