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[Playlist Update] Now 1 Hour of Episodes! | Video Game Sheriff Series

Video Game Sheriff, launched earlier this year has now had a total of six releases rounding out the playlist to about a full hour of episodes! That’s approximately 10 minutes an episode give or take, they range from 5~15 minutes in actuality. The full playlist is embedded below for your convenience. Enjoy! Playlist

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The Modern Game Dev Predicament #SimpleSolutions

With the great advancement in hardware power and graphical computation today the gaming industry has been facing an ever developing challenge, one that has only become more apparent within starting from the last 10 years or less. This problem is that with the greater power and computational standards available in today’s latest systems, gamers simultaneously …

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#NerdTalk – Game Design Strategy: A Randomly Generated RPG Concept

Randomly generated story-lines based on randomly generated characters via the use of character attributes of a certain number of types assigned to each character like modules or puzzle pieces which needs to be overall somehow balanced in the amount of each type of similar attributed characters in the same world would be the developer’s challenge in …

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