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The 3 Business Pipelines & The Roles Of Each

Image credit:¬† In your business there are three major pipelines, sometimes confused with one another but are distinctly different, each is relevant and important to your business, and one without the other would probably result in the 90%+ outcome of startups, failure. To better the chances of your successes after losses or to maintain and …

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“What Is Visual Scripting Anyway?”

Today on Production Hackers I go into what visual scripting is in general, where it can be found specifically with some examples, and the potential of developing such systems. Like what you see here? Express your support and follow @HonourableHappy on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest daily. SPONSORED: 20% OFF PREMIUM WORDPRESS HOSTING THROUGH …

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What Your Rich Open-World RPG Will Need #17Ideas

Photo credit: Intro cinematic (can be represented in storyboard or graphic novel). Gameplay sample. Splash screen. Start/option items. Option has graphics, control, audio, and gameplay settings. Start starts game with the potential for using a save slot. Opening cinematic introducing at least some if not all characters or gameplay, story or rules, controls or …

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Why You Should Script It

A script is an incredibly powerful weapon in your strategy. Between the general goal of creating a product and the learning of how to do each needed thing to accomplish it, there is the script. Although the script seems like just one part of what is needed to achieve the goal and the goal is …

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