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New “Video Game Sheriff” Logo and Relaunch

New logo for the relaunch of the “Video Game Sheriff Series” is done and will be animated for the show today. There will be a new intro and a new steady flow of episodes from here on out. Look for its launch updated right here on Production Hackers. Meanwhile enjoy the logo animation that was …

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Script VS Improv: The Advantages of Both

Since millennia performers, actors, influencers, artists, debaters and people of great stature have had their own version of this debate, should I script it all or learn how to pull it off the cuff? Today let’s dive into the advantages of both sides, so that, instead of us becoming biased and therefore limited in impact …

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Forget Ideas, Create Opportunities #Mindset

In this video I go over a totally different way of looking at prioritizing your attitude and taking the right action. I speak about how the focus shouldn’t be on the right idea or ideas whether from yourself or others, but rather the opportunity being created to be the focus. I suggest to put creation …

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