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“Production Rehearsal” A New Strategy for Massive Action

Usually production is treated in one of numerous ways. Often we see productions a continual daily process to produce as much results as we possibly can from where we are. Otherwise production is often viewed first as a plan (or a pre-production phase) that must be written and decided upon in advance followed by the …

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Big Money & Success Is Reserved For Those Going Beyond Capacity

Some say you simply need to produce more than you consume or receive more than you use, but unlike a computer program that can just be given a command to run and do it immediately without questions, human beings like you and I need a reason before we do something. This may seem obvious via platitudes …

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New “Video Game Sheriff” Logo and Relaunch

New logo for the relaunch of the “Video Game Sheriff Series” is done and will be animated for the show today. There will be a new intro and a new steady flow of episodes from here on out. Look for its launch updated right here on Production Hackers. Meanwhile enjoy the logo animation that was …

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