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Find Your Invincible Value #YourPotential [Transcript Update]

The one trait I’ve discovered as a thread among all the most successful and elite people? They make the most of everything, whether rich, poor, skilled, inexperienced, wise, or new, all of them were able to not only attain, but maintain success by constantly making use of everything. If you like this topic I will …

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Production Hackers Digest Volume 2 PDF Released!

Download here the second in a series of Production Hackers Books, digesting a selection of posts from the blog in one handy dandy PDF book. This edition is 82 pages curated from the blog’s second and third months since going live.

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Working Around Your Spontaneous Modes of Operation

As much as we can try to automate, systemize, strategize, plan, organize and follow different processes, lists, exercises and formats for getting us to consistently work to grow and develop your business while being able to maintain a constant level of consistent operation or service; in the end businesses are created, developed, maintained, worsened or …

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Innovating Tactile User Interfacing & Advanced Haptics

Tactile USER Interface (TUI) DEVELOPMENT A good technology idea that has not been done in any highly recognized way so far would be a platform that allows you to develop completely original custom software from scratch that has the ability to communicate completely tactile-based interfaces through devices or controllers.

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