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The Interplanetary Mysteries of an IPBI Investigator | Production Hackers Original (Short Story)

In the future, when interplanetary travel is common. Many other planets with human beings have been discovered with full societies and cultures of their own. People have learned the different languages and business as well as the economy has opened up between the currently discovered planets with human inhabitation. The level of development between planets …

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Integrated Workflows Part 2 – Pyramid Strategy

Photo Credit: To continue on the same note of my last post on Integrated Workflows, I would like to go into a more specific strategy which can be employed based on the general overview of them provided in the last part. This time I want to go over what I call the “Pyramid Strategy” that …

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What Your Rich Open-World RPG Will Need #17Ideas

Photo credit: Intro cinematic (can be represented in storyboard or graphic novel). Gameplay sample. Splash screen. Start/option items. Option has graphics, control, audio, and gameplay settings. Start starts game with the potential for using a save slot. Opening cinematic introducing at least some if not all characters or gameplay, story or rules, controls or …

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Why You Should Script It

A script is an incredibly powerful weapon in your strategy. Between the general goal of creating a product and the learning of how to do each needed thing to accomplish it, there is the script. Although the script seems like just one part of what is needed to achieve the goal and the goal is …

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Production Hackers Digest Volume 2 PDF Released!

Download here the second in a series of Production Hackers Books, digesting a selection of posts from the blog in one handy dandy PDF book. This edition is 82 pages curated from the blog’s second and third months since going live.

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