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Multiply Your Impact in 8 Steps (+ DEMP System Intro)

1. Express idea in most expedient format. (Write story, pitch, list or draw rough draft) 2. Based on first expression, transfer to next most expedient format. (Do storyboard, script, strategy or base design) 3. Based on second expression, reverse engineer to determine structure. (Determine script, objections, plan or style guide) 4. Based on structure express …

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Script VS Improv: The Advantages of Both

Since millennia performers, actors, influencers, artists, debaters and people of great stature have had their own version of this debate, should I script it all or learn how to pull it off the cuff? Today let’s dive into the advantages of both sides, so that, instead of us becoming biased and therefore limited in impact …

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Find Your Invincible Value #YourPotential [Transcript Update]

The one trait I’ve discovered as a thread among all the most successful and elite people? They make the most of everything, whether rich, poor, skilled, inexperienced, wise, or new, all of them were able to not only attain, but maintain success by constantly making use of everything. If you like this topic I will …

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The Interplanetary Mysteries of an IPBI Investigator | Production Hackers Original (Short Story)

In the future, when interplanetary travel is common. Many other planets with human beings have been discovered with full societies and cultures of their own. People have learned the different languages and business as well as the economy has opened up between the currently discovered planets with human inhabitation. The level of development between planets …

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How To #Hijack Social Media In 5 Steps (+ 3 Example Workflows) | #5Steps

General Workflow 1. Watch video, read article, listen to podcast, etc… 2. Comment on the above media based on what concerned you. 3. Copy and paste said comment into Facebook or equivalent medium and style 4. Screen shot the output from Facebook or similar powerful social media tool 5. Post that screenshot with selectable text …

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