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There are many offers out there on the web and social media to gain thousands, often tens of thousands of followers immediately as a purchase without any time or effort on your part. The problem with these offers is that, unless you’re buying an entire account which can be a serious investment, the followers one gains for their own accounts through them are usually bots, fake accounts, or inactive users which only serve to increase the follower number on your profile, and provide no value in terms of generating leads, prospects, fans, clients, customers, connections or real human audience.

My system however makes it possible for you to gain 100s of real people following your Twitter account every single day. Ready to finally become your own online star?


Q: I saw books claiming even more than the above! I saw one even offering to teach how to gain 100,000 in 6 months! Is this a scam?

A: Claiming even larger numbers than those that sell bots or fake accounts are a portion of the books already out there that go over how to grow your account. I have looked over every major book out there and can tell you that the only reason that some of these books make such claims is because they are not claiming that you can achieve this for free or without the human resources to really pull it off while they do not make it very obvious that there are no guarantees.

In reality my techniques could be used in a way for you to be able to gain 2.5X what I am claiming per person working on it (12,500/month instead of 5,000/month) but then I could not claim it would only take up to an hour a day, nor could I claim that it would be free since it would take much more man hours, and of course the more people working on it the more those results could be scaled similar to what the power of large publicity firms and celebrity estates can afford to employ as a strategy.

However even such companies could benefit from knowing how to do it the manual way that anyone can do, so that over the long run the company could prevent the budget for publicity dwindling by implementing this system at a better cost-performance. What I teach is an excellent toolset robust enough for your overall digital branding strategy, yet focused enough for a small independent brand to handle growing itself enough to level that playing field.

I have scientifically proven results through a combination of what I have learned from others and my own first-hand experience but do not claim it is possible without following the lessons and putting it into practice. Do you think it can work for you?

Q: Can’t I Find This Information For Free?

You can search the internet to find a wealth of information on growing your Twitter followers authentically and even I have released multiple articles on Production Hackers covering how to do so. However even with that amount of information available, it is not uncommon to see marketers, brands, companies, startups, small business, and even large corporations on Twitter struggling to gain daily genuine growth on their Twitter accounts.

That’s why so many of them with large followings have relied on buying fake followers, larger companies actually generating fake followers for themselves, and having to go through 100s and 1000s of pages of available information on the internet on the subject, determining what works, what is bad or good advice and what works best for their profile without having any of their own legitimate experience on the subject.

You could also, like me, through studying books on the subject, applying the concepts and developing my own proven system, create a system for yourself like Build, Engage & Connect™ which was developed over 6+ years of trial-and-error, failure, 6-figures of investment and hard work – based on studying the best – for yourself or you can simply learn it in one book which you can start applying today. Would that be of value?

Q: What about your blog and free articles?

You can, as I have stated, learn from Production Hackers where I cover the subject personally, using the basics of what is taught in this program and I have shared it to my Twitter audiences as well as other places online and in social media, however I have learned through people’s feedback that a few basic articles is not enough. People want their hand held. People want to know what goes on behind the scenes of my Twitter account. People want to get every little detail in the simplest, most easy to understand way. People want a cohesive system they can apply immediately, follow from start to end and achieve 1000s of followers consistently in a matter of weeks. People want to make that information easier to digest and simple to apply for the same results. That’s what I’m offering here! Are you ready for the tried-and-true method?


・A System For Gaining 100s Of Real Targeted Followers Organically Everyday・Do’s & Don’ts When Growing Your Account Fast・How To Engage Followers With Twitter’s Tools・The Ins And Outs Of Twitter From A High Level・A Sequence Of What To Expect For No Surprises・How To Track & Assess Your Twitter Metrics・Tips On How To Increase Engagement・How To Better Understand Your Audience・How To Know When To Tweet・How To Drive Traffic To Pages Outside Twitter・Content Suggestions, Automation, & Security・How To Build Relationships On Twitter・Advanced Techniques For Growth・How To Convert Followers Into Genuine Connections・Campaigning A Product, Service or Brand On Twitter・How To Increase Your Account’s Monetary Value

Still can’t decide?

I can’t promise this offer will be available next month; the terms could change so if you don’t grab this offer today the price may be raised.

You’re getting a special price on the book, which is not going to be available anywhere else and may not be around tomorrow. Why pay more for the same content? Catch this exclusive offer while you can!

My Personal Story

The year was 2011, I was living on my own as a bachelor in Tokyo and after I struggled with becoming a professional artist while learning a foreign language and doing part-time, technical and creative work, I was learning about the various new popular platforms online such as Youtube which I first learned to work with at a TV station I worked at a couple of years prior in New York City. Among those platforms was Twitter which I also began to explore to discover the fascinating Twitter-verse.

Though Twitter may not boast over a billion users it has held its over 300 million active user status strong and continues to be invested by top public figures, as a great channel for free speech and private enterprise. On top of this, it is probably much easier to reach many more people with more content more often on Twitter than on Facebook since you are not forced into using paid ads, this is left as an option, while your skills at using the platform will increase the value of your account, being able to reach much more people purely through organic means than the social media juggernaut. Twitter just flaps by quickly the sluggish Facebook allowing to reach your contacts with less barriers, distractions, advertisements or filtering while still giving you all you need to share content in multitudinous ways. It has its advantages doesn’t it?

While networking and learning the industry in Vancouver, BC with my then wife, at the time only our first child had been born, I began to leverage social media to increase my connections in the video production, VFX and animation industries in Canada’s “Hollywood North” expanding from my experiences working at the TV station in New York and at a magazine in Japan. Furthermore I began becoming motivated to start my own business, and with the help of my experiences shadowing a successful entrepreneur in Manhattan who also worked with the TV station and the resources he provided me, I began developing ideas and strategies while researching the kind of media and entertainment business I wanted to create at the time. The brand was “Riff Share Media” which today no longer has its own website but is a Facebook fan page which shares content from Production Hackers.

I ended up working for a small independent music label in Burnaby, part of the lower mainland of Vancouver, working on their websites in WordPress. Though I had web development experience before, it was my first time using the platform, so my experience proved to be highly valuable, giving me a lot of hands-on practice with the platform. At the same time I was trying to run a website on a different platform that had been customized by a 3rd-party. The platform was not only completely different than WordPress, but also unlike any I used before. Attempting to adjust and maintain my own website simultaneously became a mess! Throughout this stressful time I found a way to build a large list of email contacts, growing to this day by buying a course via a social media ad. That course, though focused on LinkedIn, featured a book about Twitter. I bet you know that this is where I got my “Aha” moment right?

After going through the entire program and applying everything I learned I also happily applied my new Twitter knowledge and was happy to find, within a matter months my account growing from a couple of hundred followers to a couple thousand. I amazed my friends and felt pretty satisfied with myself.

After a few years since I started applying those principles to my Twitter account, my followers were over 20,000 and I had already gone through several semesters of school. It all of a sudden hit me and I got that “Aha!” moment, I thought “Why don’t I apply these principles every single day, and take it further?” and I did just that, from there my account started to grow at a rapid rate. But it wasn’t all of a sudden a free ride, though my follower count was going up fast, my methods for achieving it were very tedious and labour-intensive, I also didn’t get much engagement for my posts and had trouble really connecting with my audience, I knew there had to be more to it, and truly going above and beyond, not only applying everything I knew, but exploring further, experimenting and getting into the nitty gritty of the data, what makes people tick, and most importantly how to cultivate meaningful relationships for deep connections between each other became my new trajectory.

That is what is relevant today. Being able to master today’s information age online through the window to a majority’s eyes, the computer screens, smart phones, tablets and other smart devices are your doorway to the hearts and souls from people living on the other side of the world to someone who could be living right next door! This way everyone is your neighbour while everyone likewise has the authority to remain private if they so choose just as well regardless of how close or far they may be from each other at any given moment. This is truly the age of opportunity and my discussions, polls, metric tracking, research, feedback and sought advice have all led me to the same conclusion; people want to know how it is I consistently grow my Twitter like a rock star, as if there is some special sauce, magic spice or secret hack to achieve it. As usual however, there are no magic pills, but just common sense practices you can put into place today to achieve real results. Does that sound good?

It’s just like exercise, if you learn from an experienced trainer who has been through all the trial and error and is deep into the nuances of his practice, with a complete, continuously growing and empowering perspective on his system, applying that person’s teaching will give incredibly quick results. I have even seen such an example online for myself, with an average man following the exact same regimen as “The Rock” and in a short time, he also started to achieve big physical fitness results right away. The important point is that he actually followed the same routine and that thankfully when it comes to Twitter you don’t have to put yourself nearly through any pain like what it takes to train to become as “The Rock.” Instead you only need 30-60 minutes a workweek day to really grow your following and create the basis for your own full-fledged media channel online that has the power to drive traffic to your blog, website or any place you choose. Does that sound like it could work for you?

With my system yours, you will have all you need to make it happen for you.


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