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Top 25 Engaging Post Types For Social Media

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Inspired, well-thought out, well put together, phenomenally executed, & relevant; comedy, noteworthiness and art


#25 – Animation Native Videos

Though at the bottom of this list, it still makes it though it may be arguably the most challenging to execute it makes it in even if just barely.

#24 – Singing Native Videos

Surprisingly singing videos are still quite popular especially when holding tune in a professional level performance even without the perfect production quality.

#23 – Gaming Native Video

The next level up in popular videos are gaming videos which tends to be a recurring category whether directly or indirectly so.

#22 – Tourism Native Video

Everybody loves tourism and this is no exception, catch those moments and post them, even local tourism where you tour your own town.

#21 – Entertainment

One way or another entertainment is popular which is also a strong theme in this list, though easy to take for granted, when done right, its power cannot be denied.

#20 – Value Content (nutrition, gaming, news, production art, & niche)

Especially when benefits are clear, relevance is high, it’s fun interesting or is suited to a particular niche, there is a lot of demand for that kind of thing

#19 – Gaming Streams

A very popular medium that starts to get us more into what the top engaging content is all about but surprisingly has not done quite as well as the next category which is…

#18 – Native Video Advert (Self-Promo Or Still Image)

surprisingly well-done video adverts can actually go viral and be quite popular besides not only making you money and this can also be applied to ads with still images if with a bit less impact.

#17 – Polls

A main staple of engaging content polls is what you call a win-win-win situation for everyone involved, you the audience and the platform.

#16 – Apt Statement (Plain Text)

Though hard to pull off even a plain text tweet can be very engaging particularly when aptness is at its highest level saying a lot with a little in an insightful and clever way for instance.

#15 – Stylized Art

Now entering into the top 15 extremely engaging content all styles of art when pushing that stylization tend to be quite popular in design whether it be line art, pixel art or any other well-designed stylization, people just eat it up (and works well on merchandise too).

#14 – Motivational Meme

Another important staple in engaging posts the motivational meme is extremely popular and for good reason, it is very consistent in engagement when done right as well.

#13 – Special Effects Stream (robot, animatronic, etc…)

Kind of a wild card and not always easy to get a hold of but this could also include magic tricks or other trickery not necessarily on stage, what is often categorized as viral content including impressive cosplay performances and can be often found in places like conventions, museums, fairs, specialized stores and other special locations and events.

#12 – Any Combination Of Listed Post Types

Though some may assume combining types would automatically shoot you to the top of the list, it gets you quite high the middle of the top but there are just certain specific types that are very strong on their own either because they already combine types, are current trends or not just the fact that they can be dynamic but also just the right combination like a recipe yet as expected any combination takes you fairly high on the list in the truly top tier of posts but for the top of the top let’s keep going.

#11 – Relatable Photography (selfies personal, celeb likeness, etc…)

Sometimes toted as one of the #1 ways to engage, relatability, selfies, personal images or even familiar faces, images and characters that are easy to identify are a sure way to gain warmth right away and increase connection.

#10 – Info Graphics (w/ Linked Article)

An incredibly powerful edutainment type of content that artistically presents factual information in a visual and easy to digest way to increase understanding at a high level of accessibility

#9 – Technology Streams

Extremely popular in my feed probably due to their high relevance and the spontaneous and trendy nature of live streams combined, a consistently strongly engaging medium.

#8 – “Celebrity” Interview Stream

Though not something I have going on all the time, when I do get even quite minor or micro celebrities even the engagement blows up this is partly due to the extra efforts I put into getting engagement in preparation so a definite specific combination of factors including being live.

#7 – Hand-Drawn Art

A great point of leverage for artists is that hand-drawn art does extremely well this can be seen on many accounts including mine, if this is a talent and some cases, even if it’s not it’s a worthy post type in many cases amazingly engaging.

#6 – Attractive Landscape Photography

One of the classics in engaging content and still doesn’t fail the creative, landscape photography is beautiful and never ceases to engage a large percentage of people often, it can be quite irresistible finding it hard not to appreciate.

#5 – Hand Drawn Comic Book Art (Finished)

A very specific and truly triple A top level engaging media type is finished comics an incredibly expressive and efficient story telling medium that hits us in the most perceptive form of visual communication including a story, images and text all put together in a unique and impactful way.

#4 – Appetizing Food Photos (of your own hand-made cooking)

Since it can be a challenge for most to conjure up and properly photograph their own cooking that looks highly appetizing and the intoxicatingly physiological effect of when this is accomplished it ends up being one of the highest engaging post types of all aka food porn.

#3 – Famous References (movies, games, brands, products, franchises, music, etc…)

This is a no-brainer and lies near the top, famous brand name references, especially movies and games do well as any other popular products, businesses music and entertainment.

#2 – “Celebrity” Images (famous or beautiful may include quote)

Celebrity power can never be underestimated it is unbelievable the level that celebrity influences us whether or not we know it, it’s like we’re subconsciously programmed to be unbelievably moved and attracted by celebrity always willing to pay it a bit more attention even when not the intention.

#1 – Clever Memes (sometimes gifs)

Usually in the form of a still image clever memes that are funny, interesting, unique yet highly satisfying are the most powerful form of getting engagement, though other kinds of memes, quotes, motivational and so on do quite well, the funny memes, especially those featuring photographs of animals or insects that are cute or cool (think cats, squirrels, dragonflies etc…) followed by a combination of the above such as references, but mostly when comedy or cleverness is the priority.

Therefore aim to create and publish inspired, well-thought out, well put together, phenomenally executed, & relevant noteworthy comedic art.

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