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“Sharif @ Night” “Are They A SCAM!?” Livestream Series Completed

Last week I completed an entire series of nightly streams reviewing top internet marketers and gurus who have been recently advertising heavily, reviewing their content to give you the gist of whether each may or may not be a match for you, the pros, cons and considerations before jumping on their products and programs. The series ran from last Tuesday to Saturday covering in succession; Tai Lopez, Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone, Anik Singal and Lori Harder. It was a highly engaging program regardless of the late start time.

Catch the replays here:


Starting tonight, “Sharif @ Night” will start earlier at 9PM EST instead with new topics and content. Catch it on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube on Sharif’s channels, also distributed by the official Production Hackers accounts too. Whenever a series is performed you can expect them to show up on Production Hackers just as the above and the previous livestreaming series and Social Media growth also available to watch onsite.

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