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Production Hackers Presents: POWER-ARM © Design, Origin Story, & Background

Power-Arm © Origin Story

Once a young and promising artist, with creativity stemming from his mother Butterfly-Queen, with an unusual knack for research and development influenced by his father, Tech-Assassin, in his rebellious teens, Sparky, the protagonist ends up falling into a bad scene of parties, drugs and crime, but when his grandfather, Professor-Knowledge passes away he reaches a crossroads where he chooses a whole new path as he does his best to console his grandmother Faith-Queen.

This has him become genuinely interested in the truth of the universe and so he sets off on his journey, to question everything, meditate and seek out the deepest and most ancient wisdom and teachers he can find.

This leads him to following in the ancient eastern spiritual arts of self-cultivation leading his lifestyle and meditation towards exponentially higher levels of spiritual growth and realization, most of his family doesn’t understand however with only his sister, Flower-Heart who actually seems to accept this.

This eventually leads him to a buddha-like enlightened man from the east, Master-Emperor, who is the leader of massive following of 10s of millions of spiritualists that has involved and participating in that community.

During this spiritual growth and development process he reaches a new turning point where his level peaks so high he obtains the intense inner light and forms the indestructible ‘light arm’ so decides he’s powerful enough to take on eliminating all the evil in the universe in order to save all conscious beings, but this unexpectedly summons a massive shadow power that is extremely frightening.

At first he doesn’t understand what has happened but he has already formed the foundation of who he was really meant be the whole time, the one and only Power-Arm!

After this transformation he is haunted with visions and nightmares of a crazy, dark lizard dragon alien beast in other dimensions stirring fright into him when half- awake or asleep providing him incentive to find out the truth even further, now as an independent beyond just this buddha-world he got himself into and somewhat pivoted him away from his original purpose of wanting to learn the ultimate truth regardless of the eastern spiritual context but instead the entire human context of all of humanity both spiritually and secularly, completely at the same time.

While still among Master-Emperor’s buddha world of spiritualists he is eventually lead to a the Big City where he meets and connects with successful entrepreneur mentor and micro-leader within that world who he works under, East-West-Fusioner unknowing that he would one day become an entrepreneur himself and also being introduced to the world of superheroes beyond the confines of the Master Emperor’s world and following and who all are successful independent entrepreneurs in the secular world by day when not saving the day as superheroes in disguise.

This has him set off on a highly obscure and unpredictable path both in the secular world, forming the initial foundations of becoming a successful independent entrepreneur as well as in the spirit world, first calling upon that successful entrepreneur from the buddha-leader’s world to help him find some guidance now that he had begun on the path himself, this leads him to Strategy-Man, that although the protagonist is somewhat skeptical of gives him an initial taste of what the entrepreneurial and superhero world is all about, even if the one-day to become, Power-Arm in his premature stages.

He ends up forming his own family after marrying a strange womb, *ahem* woman, Shinaku, from a foreign land and giving birth to a beautiful daughter, Little-Star motivating him to go deeper and further down that entrepreneurial and superhero path than ever before, no longer being able to afford the skepticism he once had and instead going all in learning to succeed somehow leading him to Brand-Man which provides him the framework to build his own platform through his wisdom as well as connection to the work of the mysterious Fly-Kid who he never actually gets to see but is able to learn his bird-like flying practices that form the basis for him taking his platform further than ever before.

During this time things develop into becoming exponentially rocky with his personal family relationship as his wife grows impatient, cold and distrustful at first very slowly and gradually, sometimes leaving him completely also splitting him from his first daughter while demanding he sets up better home and work situations while away in her home country, which leads Sparky on an emotional roller coaster between loneliness, depression as well as insurmountable pressure, even temporarily leading him to reconnect with some members of the old crowd he used to know before he decided to change his ways during his party, intoxication and criminal peak in his younger artist-producer phase allowing him to connect with more such types, if new, in a town now closer than the foreign land where he met his wife but still distant from his original home. This place away from home is much harder to adjust than what he was used to though still in his own country.

Eventually those bad crowd type’s new connections end up taking advantage of him, teaching him a life lesson that he needed to start becoming more focused and less spread out between all the different things he was attempting to do at the same time while trying to be a success, but at the time ends up impregnating his wife again with a new child that was to become Baby-Tough has Shinaku impose Sparky to go back to his hometown and setup a place there instead, forcing him to restart yet again despite all his previous efforts albeit with the support of his home community.

He gradually gets better and better at implementing Fly-Kid’s bird-like people-reaching, platform building powers that he burns the bridge completely, though without telling her right away, the attempts at aligning with her stubborn, unoriginal and compromising ideas, rationalizing that he will be much more effective and successful this way, aligning with his inner integrity and playing more to his strengths than his shallow attempts at appeasing her, that it would be even more beneficial to her on top of being able to eventually provide independently for the family without the great reliance on his relatives’ help, particularly his uncle, Dark-Horse, a sports and estate leader of his own little world himself who had been helping him especially since he took on the truth seeking path in his late youth, helping him to pursue his dreams including major work experience through his connections travels to a completely foreign land also encouraged and mentored by his wife and partner Top-Woman, who takes care of her father Buzz-Arm and her niece Wild-Girl as well as many more…

Though things in the relationship do seem to start to have a glimmer of hope that things really can work with the aid of his family and his attempts at addressing the never-ending complaints, demands and impositions of his wife, underneath the surface however things begin to turn for the worst when he is no longer able to deep down conform to her ideas, begins becoming more self-motivated and starts to reach a state of self-empowerment where he can actually begin leading her instead.

Sparky starts to built-up momentum and focus from learning from beginning to master the elusive Fly-Kid’s wisdom implementing them in more and better discipline in part aided by other teachers, One-Trick-Pony-Face, a small-time entrepreneur with a robo-platform obsessed with one word, the number ’ten,’ who first led him to the vast world of entrepreneur superheroes and figures beyond what the buddha-world micro leader East-West-Fusioner, some he already knew though but were not as important an influence to him anymore as some such as most notably Book-Man an old-school entrepreneur superhero that gives Sparky the seeds of discipline he needs to begin to build his own platform.

One-Trick-Pony-Face also provides him, through his robo-platform his first glimpse of Hunt-Man an entrepreneur superhero that sparks an intense amount of drive and energy back into Sparky, and who would be vital to the final development of Power-Arm, getting him back on his feet even if for short-spurts at a time, having him remember all the talent and possibilities held within him, offering him an inspirational reminder of just how productive and effective he could really be, even if not maxed out at this point, particularly due to the challenges with his personal family.

Unfortunately however as much as this was a pure intention and correct for the longterm, Shinaku’s close-minded, hard-headed thinking after witnessing this shift, though not explicitly expressed by Sparky that he was no longer conforming to her ideas (to avoid upsetting or disrespecting her) has her plot a plan to completely abandon him and take away the kids. Though she cannot go as far as completely taking them away she is able to cause damage right after breaking his spirit one last time in the process.

However a light of hope emerges as he does not give up and resolves to get back on his feet yet again to not only how to become a successful independent entrepreneur, something that actually becomes a worldwide trend and sought-out ability by the time he begins to achieve it, but also that the shadow power that once frightened him and he once believed was a obstacle and enemy to his success was actually an incredibly important and vital power that could be honed and developed into a strength to help him achieve the mission that brought it on all along,

It is through learning from the works of and gradually coming into contact with and developing relationships with those superhero teachers over time that he learns how to hone his shadow power to finally form the shadow arm, to reinvigorate his inner light that was dimmed after the shadow power had became attached to him, and reignite his temporarily weakened ‘light arm.’

Furthermore with the technologies of the business formed by his own entrepreneurial ventures, he develops the Power Hack super belt to be able to have his own unique way to refer to the wisdom of the superhero teachers, forming a unique platform to also reach them and even in rare cases, call upon them for aid.

His blue ultra-light indestructible suit is provided by another superhero teacher, Knowledge-Man who encourages him to get back into studying from all the superhero teachers, including Space-Man who inspires him to never give up, Media-Man, who he had also been first introduced to by One-Trick-Pony-Face’s platform plus recommended by his brother Funny-Robo-Horse, who takes care of his wife, Milk-Princess and their kids Sharp-Girl & Fun-Boy, his brother encouraging him to go deeper than ever before, while recommending Hunt-Man as a complimentary teacher with a completely different style than Knowledge-Man to help him go harder than ever before, after he lost his natural inclination to studying masters he once had naturally when he first came upon the Master Emperor’s world after seeking insight from many works of ancient wise spiritual leaders, but was somewhat broken after being shaken by the shadow power he unexpectedly had summoned within that buddha-land when reaching a spiritual peak.

The more he continued to study from Knowledge-Man and the many superhero teachers he was recommended, his magic blue suit began to develop as a second skin that eventually reaches a state of indestructibility without added weight.

With his light powers finally coming back in full force again, the inner light starts to become too intense which stresses out Sparky, making it hard for him to manage the unbelievably high demands of his work and the fatiguing intensity of his enlightenment, so one of the superhero teachers Social-Man who runs an insomnia treating alternative wellness business provides him with special orange shades, that not only help him to work better on his business during the day, but protect him from the fatigue caused by the intense illumination of his inner mind’s eye so that he is able to better manage his life and powers.

Finally his cardinal red boots are formed after getting the closest he’s ever been to Hunt-Man after going on a retreat to learn from him and his many superhero teacher friends over several days having him finally break free from the confines of gravity, the last restricting factor that prevented him from fulfilling his true potential to no longer be Sparky anymore but to become Power-Arm!

Now with his entire superhero suit formed, he finally becomes a superhero himself, but perhaps with a bigger mission than them all, to save the entire universe, being opposed by his greatest foe, Faceless, an evil ghost woman who lives underneath a massive graveyard and who hides her identity by disguising herself as various ordinary women using the power of her black magic masks, who he does not find out is behind all the chaotic monster beast ghosts he has to defeat in order to save the people, a threat he only begins to recognize…

Power Arm’s Powers

He sports orange shades, a purple belt, a blue suit and cardinal boots; the shades are to protect him and maintain his energy against his own inner light, his purple belt features a communications system with his superhero teachers in order to learn from them remotely or summon them in the very rare times of need, his blue suit is made of an extremely light yet incredibly strong material that protects him from attacks yet allows him to remain aerodynamic when leaping to the scene, and his cardinal boots have a feature  that opens up glider wings that automatically spread out to help him control his leaps to accurately arrive on the scene when ever he is in the middle of the air on the way.

When not in his super hero attire nor saving the day, he is a successful independent entrepreneur by day.

He obtained his powers through enlightenment via eastern spiritual practices when he decided to destroy all evil in order to save the universe.

The reason he wears orange shades is because they are not normal blue light blocking glasses but one’s that shield him not from outer lights, but the inner light of his own mind’s eye which because too bright and exhausting to bear due to his reaching his enlightenment a dozen years ago.

When he take off the shades, he must meditate to handle the bright intensity and reality of his minds eye.

In his meditation he is able to detect the worst of evil scenes by the worst of enemies to the universe happening to the best of the most innocent people so he can know who to save first, what he’s up against and where he needs to go to the confront the situation, in realtime.

He can’t meditate for too long or loses his energy from the intensity, so he must put his orange shades back on before exiting his headquarters.

Once he knows of the evil happenings and where he needs to go, equipped with his super suit, he can exit his HQ and slam his light arm onto the ground. launching him up high into the sky at the same height as an airplane and launching him into the exact trajectory and arc required to land precisely at the scene every time.

After landing right onto his feet at the scene of the perpetrating baddie against the innocents, he uses his shadow arm to begin to battle the beast in question.

While fighting the beast he can save the victims from death when they are being tormented by the current monster with light arm.

After defeating the enemy with his shadow arm, he can use the light arm to heal the wounds and injuries of the victims immediately, preventing their deaths.

His shadow arm is able to turn into absolutely any shape or form, even into monsters more vicious and intimidating than his very enemies.

There is a risk that if he overuses his shadow arm, he can become consumed with darkness and temporarily lose his way.

Though he is extremely powerful and usually outmatching any opponent, the rare cases when Power-Arm’s foe outmatches him, he can call upon his superhero teachers to back him up as a team in the most exceptional of situations.

Until the end of the series, Power-Arm does not know the source of the evil magic beasts he encounters or even that they are connected or from the same source but, every time he defeats one, the beasts disappears or disintegrates and he is left with a black magic mask, forming the clues he doesn’t at first know, but later finds out he needs to discover the source of the evil due to the designs of those masks being referenced in the most evil magic book of legend which he slowly begins to discover is not a myth but a very concerning reality…

Power-Arm’s Weaknesses

If his glasses get knocked off, the situation becomes too intense for him to handle and is temporarily unavailable to fight.

If he is caught without his glasses and tied up, unable to reach him, it is like torture for him, so certain enemies can use that to subdue him.

When his enemies are particularly strong and he has to use his shadow arm more extremely he can temporarily fall into an uncontrollable rage which can potentially defeat the purpose of him trying to save the victims, causing more potential damage or injury, even to innocents, though this is extremely rare. If this happens it can be used to manipulate him emotionally and psychologically by the worst of his enemies.

His mind’s eye inner light vision only can focus on the most pertinent issues, so evil can still hide and remain undetected when it isn’t acting its worst, this also means he can potentially be spied upon by evil in disguise.

He has a bad habit of always trying to save everyone by himself, only calling upon his superhero teachers to help him at the greatest moments of desperation, meaning that if it ever gets to that point the likelihood of unnecessary damages or losses and risk of failure or death are higher until they come to back him up (versus him being safe enough to usually call them sooner) but this can work in his favour since his superhero teachers are often dealing with issues of their own.

Enemy Faceless © & Her Black Magic Masks

Her intention is to drain the soul and hope out of all of mankind so that his heart is corrupted and led to premature death devolution and the ultimate demise of humanity and the universe as we know it.

When she is out in the ordinary world, she appears as a nice ordinary person, but it is all a completely undetectable disguise.

She has many disguises and has the ability to spy on anyone anywhere without them knowing, even against Power-Arm himself!

Her lair is located underneath a massive abandoned graveyard accessible through a deep pitch black dark staircase that no ordinary human dares enter as it is said that it is under a curse where anyone who has ever gone down there has never come back.

She shields her layer with a powerful dark magic that even the most enlightened and greatest seers (including Power-Arm) cannot see or detect.

Her disguises are actually magic spells formed by each of one of her sets of black magic masks.

She has a black magic book that she uses to summon evil beasts.

She has to use one of her black magic masks as an implement for each beast that she summons every time.

She has no legs, but always has a long dress in every one of her disguises to hide this and is able to appear as if she’s walking when in disguise when she is actually floating like a ghost.

Her disguises may make her dress any of many pretty colours and trendy designs or patterns, but when she takes off her mask in her layer it is revealed that her dress is pitch black with no colour nor distinct design.

She has no face (explaining her name) as when she takes off her black magic mask, there dis nothing but a gaping, seemingly endless black hole where her face should be; she is an evil ghost!

She has a collection of a total of 36 evil masks each with a unique disguise for her spying and theft activities during the day, yet she loses one every time she uses one for an evil magical beast and it doesn’t come back because Power-Arm has defeated it and collected the mask.

When Power-Arm is not in his superhero form and is working as a vibrant and successful personal brand, technology, marketing and creative entrepreneur and business owner, she attempts to seduce him in one of her many disguises only to scam him out of time, energy and money, this usually never works except on the rare occasion when he is cannily thrown off due, usually after just defeating a massive foe and having to get back to his high demanding work and being spent at the end of a day, distorting his judgment temporarily.

The black magic’s book and implementation are all based upon well known evil occult symbols and imagery like satanic stars, animal sacrifice, and the teaching of perverted, unfair and apocalyptic principles as well as possession by evil ghosts, spirits and impure animals in other dimensions.

Once the first 35 masks have been used on beasts and lost to Power-Arm’s defeat, she uses the 36th and most powerful mask along with the most evil spell to turn her into the craziest, most evil, powerful and alien beast that could ever exist. This form provides to be too powerful and strong for Power-Arm to handle alone so he cannot help but call all his superhero teachers in order to help defeat her.

After finally defeating her, he finds out in shock that it was actually Shinaku all along, who he thought was gone forever after he was successful enough to send her back to a distant or foreign land of her preferences with the earnings from his successful ventures being able to keep his two beautiful daughters with him as a result…


Stay tuned to this page as it is updated with new character designs from the story, and also look out for the upcoming serialized web comic as well!

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