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If you need some motivation, encouragement or inspiration from the top sales, marketing and business people including but not limited to; Tai Lopez, Guy Kawasaki, Jordan Belfort, Steven Forbes, Malcolm Gladwell and more with exclusive content only from Production Hackers, you can get it by signing into the newsletter form: …it’s all free; no strings attached!

Whether you are expected to make a proposal, prospect new leads, close major deals, market or sell products, I will also be releasing an offer for a brand new product featuring even more incredible speakers; Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, Daymond John, Tim Grover, Andy Frisella, Ezra Firestone and many more top performers in the world of business and tech, sales and marketing with an exclusive content-packed media package featuring over 10 hours of video and an accompanying ebook PDF all consumable in web page format or download at your convenience. It’s releasing this week at an incredible value only for innovators, those already subscribed to the newsletter, so get in quick!

I genuinely think, considering the magnitude of the order we all have ahead of us, considering the oncoming tsunami of entrepreneurs out to steal your lunch change and close the client or sell to the customers you’re supposed to be winning the heart of, you will want every single last advantage you can possibly get!

Fortunately there’s absolutely nothing to lose and only to gain. Like I said my first two media packages are provided to Production Hackers newsletter subscribers completely free!

Once signed into the newsletter, your free products will include exclusive digitized notes from two major seminars and business conferences, Tai Lopez’s Millionaire Mastermind in New York City where he was joined by two other millionaire business owners, James Swanwick and Brandon Carter as well as Synergy Global Forum’s premiere event also held in New York for a crowd of 1000s where I sat in the VIP section taking notes from an incredible list of speakers in business and tech; Guy Kawasaki, Steven Forbes, Ray Kurzweil, Malcolm Gladwell, billionaire Naveen Jain, and the notorious “Real Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort and even today’s top social media marketing powerhouse, Gary Vaynerchuk among interspersed panel discussions with some of the freshest names in business, tech and marketing, besides even world-class business gurus and authors.

Did I mention those two packages are completely free?

So what are you waiting for? Sign into the newsletter right here and get yours:

When you put in your correct name and email, hit the ‘submit’ button, the form should clear. That’s how you know it worked!

Before I end my spiel about why getting into my newsletter is the best possible thing you can do right now to accelerate your efforts immediately for free, I do want to go over again about my upcoming product coming out at the end of this week. It will be the first of its kind for Production Hackers, featuring an exclusive notes package from the latest 10X Growth Con 2 event held in Las Vegas where I sat on the floor seats within a dozen metres from the speakers among 9,000 attendees.

This event was a 3-day event with an optional 4th day. I attended all 4 days. While paying undivided attention to every renowned guest in the moment, I took as many valuable notes as I could, smashing the value of the content from the previous two exclusive media packages.

To reel it back, the first package; Tai Lopez’s Millionaire Mastermind featured one full night’s worth of content in notes and the accompanying audio-video contains one hour of exclusive content, with my going every last point, recalling the night’s events and stories not featured in the notes themselves as well as inputting the wisdom I have gained from studying courses from such elites continually as well as from reading business gurus’ classic books.

The second event’s exclusive notes media package only from Production Hackers featuring content from the Synergy Global Forum includes an accompanying audio-video with two hours of my going over the notes, recalling stories not featured in writing from the event, as well as my earned knowledge from studying these top performers and reading their books.

However this new product offer, releasing at the end of the week will fit in with the theme of the event and completely 10X the value and delivery of the last two free offers only for subscribers.

Not only does it contain a password-protected page for members, buyers of the latest package will get their own private membership to Production Hackers with their own individual passwords making it harder to ‘hack’ (get it?), accompanied with 10+ hours of proper videos (not just audio-videos) not only streaming, but also downloadable, an audio only option as well for download with 50 (yes 50!) pages of digitized base notes, but this time I am taking it further and transcribing the best paragraphs from the accompanying videos to accompany the notes allowing for a full-fledged ebook containing what will be an estimated 150+ pages included for you to download.

Now if you have ever been to major business seminars or events you may know they do not come at a small monetary ticket price.

Tai Lopez’s Millionaire Mastermind in New York City cost me $3000 for admission alone, excluding flight and hotel.

Synergy Global Forum’s event cost me $2000.

Yet I’m providing the content only available from Production Hackers from those two events completely free as my gift to you, in order to give you a taste of what is to come along with priming you for the truly transformational life-changing material in this upcoming product.

The best part is it requires no monetary commitment to get those first two products. This may sounds bonkers, but I truly value my loyal subscribers, especially those that come in early, who I refer to as my ‘innovators.’

Now as you can imagine, 10X Growth Con 2, being the largest and most in-depth event with the largest amount of high level speakers and frankly the best business conference of my life so far, the cost to entry was no small bargain; costing me over $5000!

But when it releases at the end of the week, I will not only be offering it at 10X less what I paid to obtain the material, not-to-mention the efforts and focus to put it altogether in the unique Production Hackers way, I’ll be offering it at less 100X what I had to invest!

That’s right! You will be able to get the package when it releases next week for only $47 USD!

This is such a nuts value you might think I should be put in a strait jacket and sent to the mad house! …but this incredible value at that price point will only be offered for a limited time, since the sale will close where the investment amount will go up from 5-10X that offer, so strike while the iron’s hot!

Once again, all you have to do is sign into the newsletter here:

Once the form clears you will be notified with a confirmation email within 24-hours latest, often within a couple of hours or less.

From there you will have access to the free exclusive packages already mentioned from last year as well as have first dibs on the 10X Growth Con 2 exclusive notes media package at the best possible offer before the investment requirement goes up and I begin to promote it outside of the newsletter.

Still not convinced? If you want to know more about me or Production Hackers, Google is your friend.

Google my full name “Sharif Sourour” to see that I am all over the internet and have been for a long time not only with a solid established Twitter account but an incredible LinkedIn community of over 5000 connections! I can also help you achieve the same with my social media marketing agency service. Find out about that by replying to any of my newsletter emails with “agency service” in the subject line.

You can also Google “Production Hackers” to see it as the #1 ranked website for that search term featuring loads of content in blog form for the public at no cost where you can learn about business, sales, technology, media production, marketing, social media and more. Search the 163+ articles with the powerful search tool embedded on this site.

Also catch my regular live streams available through my Periscope here:

You can catch all the replays from that link with 63+ hours of content all completely free without any need of a Periscope account or registry.

Follow Production Hackers on Twitter:

Like the Production Hackers official Facebook page here, where you can also find replays of live streams simulcasted during the Periscope talks as well:

Also, connect with me on LinkedIn here:

Why am I doing this?

The truth is I simply love to help people and extremely excited about the value and opportunities I have to offer. I work 14+ hours a day, not only quantitively but much more importantly; qualitatively, implementing the seed of efficiency through the Production Hackers mindset while maxing out on its execution with the most important outcomes from the beginning of the day until the end. This is what is allowing the proper domino effect, to not only perform above the average but to go all out in my full potential, making it not only the most efficient but more integrally, the most effective!

The Production Hackers mission is to disseminate this energy and high performance culture to everyone possible and that is the real reason I am doing all this. It will be my honour to have you join my world.

Happy Production Hacking!

Fill out the consulting form to receive your newsletter and how you can qualify to have me setup and grow your Twitter account to over 10,000 real followers organically without fake followers, bots or cheating.

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