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How To Go From Social Media Slave To Social Media Master

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Last night on Twitter, I had a lot of energy after finishing my many tasks for the day and realized I had not yet done a livestream. So I consulted with a buddy who I’ve interviewed in a previous livestream, Matthew King Ringo, co-producer of Ditch Party, a Hollywood movie. He was, in the midst of natural conversation asking me if I ever thought of taking a break from social media, as it could have its benefits. My response was that social media is such an integrated part of my business, that I have to be on it all the time, telling him that the key was to stay on top of social media rather than letting it get on top of you. Then I asked him a favour for a topic; what is a problem people are facing nowadays that I could cover? Funny enough, he told me, “What you just said! How to stay on top of social media, instead it getting on top of you.” I laughed at the fact that although I just sent him that very message I didn’t realize it could be a valid topic.

Of course when you get an outside perspective it’s always easier to see what it is you have to offer and I could tell this was an excellent subject to cover. So without further ado, embedded here for your convenience is that 1-hour talk. Though the theme is social media I use multitudinous examples from many other mediums; TV, Food, Newspapers, Partying, Politics, and more! The reason for that is that the principle it takes from going from slave to master in social media is the same principle that applies to become the master at every facet of your life:

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