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You want to improve your social media status? Watch this free series no strings attached! Social Media Live Training Series Replays:

Hi cyberspace buddies, (I know, I modified my usual greeting, but you know Production Hackers, we like to change it up!), a couple of months ago we did a live social media training series, with a stream a day through Periscope, and the replays still engage well up to the time of this writing. There was a pre-recording of the audio of that stream posted previously here on the site, but this time all the streams from the entire “Social Media Live Training Series” by yours truly, have been embedded right here for your convenience. If you learn and apply the tips learned below consistently, you too can substantially increase or even multiply your influence in this crazy mixed up social media world:

Day 1 : Engagement

Day 2: Business Development

Day 3: Increasing Followers

Day 4: Analytics

Day 5: Industry Trends

Day 6: Driving Traffic

Bonus Clip: Advanced Talk on Engagement

If you want to catch even more livestream talks, you can see a selection of over 11 hours + links to more streams and content by tapping or clicking on the text you are currently reading.

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