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A few months ago I went back to New York City for another event, Synergy Global Forum, and did the same thing, digitizing my notes to web, with an audio in-depth review and PDF printable download. This time there were many more speakers and so the audio video reflects that. I hope you can get some inspiration and motivation from it.

This is an exclusive page to those who attended so it is password protected.

Included is a 2-hour audio video that has me go over the notes as well as a PDF version of the digital notes on the page.
Featured Speaker Notes:
Guy Kawasaki, Steve Forbes, Nassim Taleb, Ray Kurzweil, Malcolm Gladwell, Naveen Jain, Jordan Belfort, Gary Vaynerchuk and more!
There is an opportunity to connect with me for social media consulting, training lessons if it is of benefit to you as well.

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