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Catch Sharif Sourour’s Retro Gaming Let’s Plays LIVE On Periscope

Starting last week, @HonourableHappy on Twitter (Sharif Sourour) has began frequent live streaming of retro gaming let’s plays through Periscope. You can watch live right from Twitter if you are there without a Periscope or you can watch on Periscope without being on Twitter, but in either case be sure to follow @HonourableHappy to get all the live streaming gameplay as it happens.

So far the games streamed include arcade perfect ports of X-Men Vs Street-Fighter, Vampire Saviour (Darkstalkers 3), and Pocket Fighter. Moreover you can catch some classic games like Christmas NiGHTS, Fighters Megamix and Virtua Cop 2. Catch those games and even more including Ranma 1/2 Chougi Ranbu Hen (Japan only SNES release) and the Japanese version of Fatal Fury 2 (Garoudensetsu) on the 16-bit platform along with the newer Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. Catch those and more in the replay, while keeping tuned for upcoming live streaming often based on Twitter poll results. Also make sure to look out for the polls so you can have a say in what gets played live.

You can also go back on Periscope to watch any replay from previous streams, same goes with Twitter. You can find most of the replays on Twitter by searching “@HonourableHappy #letsplay” on Twitter which should also bring up some previous episodes of “Video Game Sheriff” on Youtube to enjoy as well. So stay tuned to Twitter and Periscope for frequent live streams and replays!

This is also forming a foundation for future Video Game Sheriff episodes as well as streaming on other platforms as well…

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