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Sparky The Sheriff (Previously “Sharif’s Twitface”) Not Only On Twitter

Although I don’t talk about it much, I do take action on other social media besides Twitter (@HonourableHappy)  as well.

You may have heard me mention that I have a very above average LinkedIn (Sharif Sourour On LinkedIn) account as well with over 4500 connections, but besides this I do more social media as well.

Right now I have 3 Facebook Fan Pages, one is for the Algonquin Japanese Language & Culture Club I created at the school, but do not do anything beyond an infrequent post on Japan or its culture.

The other two are company pages. One is a Riff Share Media’s fan page I made years ago but haven’t grown it until recently and the other is Production Hackers’ fan page. I mostly am active on those two, using Riff to share selected Production Hackers media to separate audiences.

They both have small audiences of about 50-something members each but they have been grown through advertising which I have experimented with and can keep growing them that way.

I am also on a fairly new platform called (@SharifS) where I have about 1.3k subscribers, which is extremely good on that platform, since it is not nearly as big as Twitter.

Twitter has an estimated user base of 300 million active users, while Minds is over 1 million active users so over 1000 subscribers on Minds is very high.

Also on Empire.Kred which is an online social media stock market simulation that connects with your social media accounts where you are given some starter currency called “Eaves” which allows you to purchase shares from other social media influencers I am doing quite well.

As a pretty strong influencer online within Top 90 Twitter accounts in Canada, my shares keep getting bought up! I now have about 69 million Eaves to spend on others’ shares, or even to spend on advertising services provided by the platform.

In terms of the Minds platform there is also a payback system which has you earn points for activity and engagement. Currently I have built up about 45,000 points which can also be used for advertising on the platform.

The cool thing about Minds is it is like a new Facebook, much better, snappier interface, less unnecessary features, more ways to earn from having an account, high connectivity, while it currently is only 1 million users and growing it has only been around two years.

I predict that within 5 years, it will be huge especially if Facebook and Twitter keep moving in the censorship-for-the-establishment direction.

Minds is all about free speech but has features like hiding explicit content before asking if you are old enough to view. It has its own economy with its points system, a built-in blog feature that is a full-fledged system developed from the ground up in a much more efficient way than platforms like Facebook.

From time to time I also use Klout, which, like Empire.Kred connects to other social media’s data to evaluate influence. It uses a rating between 0 and 100, with 100 being the most famous/influential person (Obama, Trump, Bieber, Kardashian, Perry, etc… are all 90+) and 0 being someone who has no influence.

The average influencer scores a 40 while anyone 63+ is considered a major influencer. My rate has been floating back and forth between 66 and 68 for the last year or so, so it makes sense when people have reached out to interview me.

Besides this I am on the blogging platform (@HonourableHappy) with about 1.8k people following me on there while I am also on Tumblr (sharifs) which I just started building up as well.

Moreover I am on yet another platform for businesses called Alignable where I’ve built up 161 business focused connections (Similar to LinkedIn).

I currently have an email list of about 10,000 people and have experimented with successful list-building as well.

A great part is the groups features on some of these platforms like Facebook, Minds and LinkedIn, as participating there is great for building up a relationship among connections.
In any case, in terms of social media, my current largest value may be in Twitter with my biggest back up being LinkedIn, followed by Minds and Empire.Kred.

Besides this I am also armed with the knowledge and experience to build up my weaker accounts as well, since I have been studying, observing and experimenting the whole time with those platforms as well.

This also means if there is a new platform, I will probably be able to pick it up and do well if it is relevant.

This is all to point out, that it is more than just Twitter for me.

However if you would like to learn how I build up my Twitter and how it can apply to your social media game, keep a look out for the upcoming pre-orders which will be available for my upcoming book and course sold separately, Get 10,000 Real Followers/Month FREE On Twitter.

The book and course focuses on how you can grow your Twitter account using free techniques that are allowed by Twitter to grow your following in a targeted fashion towards your specific niche. It covers how to increase engagement, impressions and the best code of practice for social media, avoiding the common mistakes and ineffective behaviour of certain accounts both famous and virtually unknown.

The best part is how I show you the manual way to do it, up to an hour a day or less to give yourself a platform for you to experiment for your message, your mission, your vision and your enterprise. Learn to build your world like me and you will have countless avenues for building massively valuable relationships with the right people.

The moment the pre-order goes on sale slated for winter, you’ll see it right here on Production Hackers.

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