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Why Success Experts Aren’t Always Successful Themselves

Have you ever noticed that the most successful people, though potentially quite knowledgable, are not always necessarily the ones that know the most? Also likewise those that seem to know everything about success aren’t necessarily the most successful themselves? This has all to do with self-awareness and how small differences can make huge changes in outcome.

Handling Self-Awareness

Anyone who has been interested in any form of success will come across the importance of self-awareness. Even outside of business wealth such as good family relationships, your personal health and overall fulfillment with your life purpose as well as all other forms of success as well all revolve around you knowing better who you are, what you want and what you need to get there. However though most, who are concerned about improving and achieving better results in their life may not handle the central aspect of self-awareness in the best way due to many factors, and these explain while even those who understand very well the importance of self-awareness and can have the most knowledge in the world about success won’t necessarily be successful themselves because they are not always improving who they really are in consideration of who they really are, even if they want to improve and know that self-awareness is important.

Often in self-help and other forms of psychological, emotional or physical training we talk about “increased self-awareness” or that some may conclude that the goal or process is to “increase self-awareness.” However I think this generic term, though you may consider me nitpicking over terminology as it should not make such a great difference, I will attempt to state my case as to why the changing of only one word, a small difference can massively affect the outcome. The word “increase” though it could be associated with progress or a positive goal is in itself not signifying improvement in a qualitative way but instead itself suggesting a quantitative change without really a definition of whether it is good or not. Changing the word “increase” to “improve” then would then signify a more important goal. Though the word “increase” could imply improvements taking place such as an increase in aptitude, wisdom or strength but is not explicitly stated, whereas literally making the mission to improve the potential for it meaning anything else is removed. You may not be immediately aware of an example where this matters, where it makes a difference where increasing self-awareness is not as effective as improving self-awareness, what that even means and why that is so I will make an example.

If you were to have such a large amount of self-awareness that you know every little thing that has happened in your life, every single day of your life, every single event, no matter how minor and every detailed aspect about yourself down to the last cell and molecule it could potentially fill up an entire library’s worth of books, but how much of that information is actually useful to you? Chances are only a small fraction or tiny percent of all that there is to possibly know about you is actually important for you to focus on, and that is why even just one word can make a difference, ensuring that the vision is positive not just quantifiably but qualifying for a sustainable direction over the long run as compared to a race for accumulating the most of something for the sake of increasing the amount that you have it in itself. Of course you could easily relate this back to money as it closely relates, but this article is about success in general, not in only one way so I want to emphasize how this applies to every facet of life just as well. Just like money, if you only accumulate it but never make any meaningful investments with it, the risks and sacrifices you made to accumulate it could end up in vain, this works for everything else in your world too.

If you only focus on losing weight but end up anorexic that defeats the whole purpose of being in good health. If you only focus on being famous but then you can never have a moment to yourself, you defeat the purpose of being happy. If you only focus on obtaining power and become a leader that everyone hates you defeat the purpose of improving the situation. As you can see, it’s not just knowing what is the central issue and then implementing a quantitative approach, simply assuming that more, bigger, larger and more massive is always better, but rather applying a qualitative approach constantly doing your best to know better what you really want to achieve in the first place, the actual situation and how to handle it towards that vision that really matters.

This means with instead of loss of weight being the focus, it becomes what amount of weight needs to be lost, what kind of weight is good weight or bad weight, such as the weight of muscle, fat or other materials in the body, what kinds of nutrition to keep your body in the best shape and so on, a constantly improving approach rather than one that is looking for a final conclusion, one that is constantly looking to know better in relation to itself and the surrounding situation. Instead of focusing on fame, focusing on attracting and developing close relationships with the right people, learning who you work best with, what kind of person can compliment you, how you can better build and maintain the right relationships, how you can smoothly mend relationship problems or prevent bad situations as a result of associating too much with the wrong parties and so on, once again it becomes more about focusing on the overall discipline of the matter rather than solely on its byproducts. Finally as in the third example not directly about money, instead of focusing on only increasing power, one would focus on what the actual issues are in the world and what are real and effective ways to deal with them regardless of what most people do or don’t do with instead the priority on what works to actually achieve the outcome of a better world, this way you are once again forced to focus on changing yourself to continuously be a better person who is better aware of his or her world and therefore able to improve every environment no matter where present by being a good person influencing the surroundings.

As you can see this principle applies to every aspect of life and money is no different. By only focusing on increasing the amount of your money you might not be concerned by how you do so, and may then apply any means no matter what the consequences. Thus you may have all the money in the world but nothing else which defeats the whole reason one could want money which is an increase in facility. By shifting the focus to what you want money for in the first place, which would be to increase the ease at which you can own, create or access anything, then you start to realize all the different tools at your disposal from your connections and resources to your intelligence and skills all the way to your unique style and presentation you cannot only accumulate, negotiate and guarantee yourself a lot of money, but pretty much anything! This is much more important than knowing only how to achieve success in one regard because no two people are alike nor are any two situations exactly the same, so what may be important to one person’s own happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction may be completely unimportant for another. That is why it is not as important to know everything about yourself as it is to know what is most important to you.

The better you get at knowing who you are, the better you get at knowing what’s important to you, and the better you get at knowing that the better you can determine how to achieve it based on your situation. If you only know about yourself in every little detail, rather than focusing on who you really are at the core, what happens is you gather a huge amount of data about yourself without any rhyme or reason though you may have a vague idea of self-awareness. The judgement required however to determine within that information about yourself what is of concern is then lost without that vision or direction towards continual amelioration. Without caring about the quality of your assessment and only the quantity of how much you’re covering, you lose touch of what you should focus on.

Therefore prioritizing improvement through your self-awareness then is less concerned with knowing everything to do with you and more concerned about finding out what is most relevant to who you want to ultimately be in the long run, not just so that you’re able to track who you’ve been so that it can be known but instead finding out who you can become to know better rather than only more. This is more helpful for others since knowing better what is the point will always be more beneficial than knowing who discovered it or how. Just like it is more important to know how to read or write than it is to know who was the first person to ever do it, as that does not change our ability to do it nor is it something that we can ever control. By shifting your entire mindset down to the most finite thing from the deepest place possible you can over the entire scope of everything possible in your life to be towards constantly better outcomes for everyone, you will realize that you have to focus on improving yourself in every way possible in order for you to be qualified to achieve such results. With that in mind the path and focus then is no longer on the specific situation you may think you want to find yourself in but rather your own ability to be better yourself thus forcing the situation to be improved as well by your existing in it. This means the better you yourself get the better you can handle your situation and others, and the better the results. By not assuming you know the best possible outcomes in advance and instead focus on improving your awareness of what is truly good to you in the first place, you ensure that you are not concerned with receiving the greatest reward but instead the reward becomes better integrity leading towards better communications resulting in the better conditions for everybody.

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