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Production Hackers’ Own Social Media Platform In Development

Hi Everybody out there in cyberspace!

Today we’ve got some news, Production Hackers has just begun developing its own social media platform! This is taking the forum idea to the next level, keeping up with the current trends, now custom social media platforms for your network is becoming the next standard and we’re no exception here.

The interface will be based on an already working structure an IT partner of mine, Emmanuel Buckshi ‘adventurist’ in the Drupal community and has developed a full working social media back-end and front-end structure.

We have not finalized the design for Production Hackers yet, and we are still in the earliest stages of putting it together, setting up a server and testing implementation and design, but since this is based on the foundation of an already working model (you can see a beta of it at it should take a small fraction of the time it takes to build it from scratch.

This community will allow for a better exchange of ideas, work, information and knowledge through a network of intelligent and creative individuals who love burgeoning technology and media. Here we can do our best to make the most of the best of the past and the cutting-edge for an even better future.

Stay tuned to Production Hackers for upcoming updates on development so that you can get up and ready with your own social Production Hackers profile.

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