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Reverse Engineering Your Consumption Into Production: Gauging Quality

The reason to “reverse engineer your consumption into production” is to better gauge objective excellence before doing any project.

You don’t have to pick the same subject or medium for your chosen discipline, but remember the standard as if you were picking the subject or medium for which you’ve consumed in the largest quantity in your life.

This way you don’t suffer delusion as much when gauging the quality of your own products. The same goes for the things which you are most qualified in or have the most consistent, current and provable results in before teaching others about how to achieve those kinds of results verifiably.

You can apply the standard you can think of for that which you consume the most of as if you were an experienced producer of that medium and could produce something within a limitless budget in it however you wanted and gauging that level of a standard against what you are producing within the medium where you have shown to have the most evidential results in, metrics that can be tracked, then you will be able to multiply the amount of results you are getting assuming that you are not yet reaching the absolute maximum ultimate standard, if existent, for your ability to produce those results.

For my specific case for example this would be to have the theme of my new book on how to increase the influence of your Twitter account, inspired by high production value funny game-like animated beat-based music videos in a subtle and minimalist way as a reference for the packaging, graphic design, palette and styling of the book and course, to not only stand out with unique valuable information which can make the student money but brilliant packaging that stands far away from the rest in its own league altogether.

Add an interactive element in the lessons like an app or a feature rich, yet simple and intuitive interface in the course and project work, for example, in the form of games, and other interactive exercises, and you have a unique experience all of its own. This increases brand value and customer trust in being able to find something that can improve their lives in a way no one else can.

It has to start small with many of these ideas, because you will have large standards and trying to have everything perfect before you start is a bad idea. So I would simply iterate with an initial basic version of my book, then move onto more polished and better versions until I could have the final inspired design right on paper. From there it would serve as a reference to lead the packaging of the online course and member’s page.

From there interactive media can be developed beta tested off site and then released to the public on the site as added features.

For another example to suit someone in a completely different situation it could be that you are a local serious monk who enjoys to live in nature meditating in silence and your area of expertise is physical social reclusiveness, living in caves and mountains, it would then make sense to leave cave drawings of you meditating in natural environments with your signature as a way to expose your brand to tourists and cave dwellers.

The meditation and natural environment, is the most consumed subject and so the packaging of the expression of art is done in caves where the spiritualist has found the most enlightened results in his meditation. This works to add expression that is inspired to package the authority of where there have been meritorious achievements.

As you can tell, no matter how far I stretch the examples, the same principles may apply, meaning no matter how far your situation deviates from mine, you can look in your life what is it the most you’ve taken in about that you understand instinctively the quality standards for through engaging and taking in that kind of content or material the most, using that as the measuring stick for how you package the way you present your real value, where you have shown to achieve the most results as an expert.

This allies to anyone and everyone then who has loved unintentionally any form of content or discipline and has produced results consistently in a passion, to have the mindset that is inspiring in the practice where one is strongest. This is reminiscent of how athletes can listen to a motivational speaker who is much weaker than them in the sport yet use the power of the medium they are consuming, his communication, speech and words from the heart, to inspire the fire in them to perform at their very best where they produce the most results in sport.

Now I encourage you to think of your own example, the thing that inspires you most whether or not you’re good at it yourself, and that which you generate the most value, and apply that energy of excitement and vigour to multiply that value endlessly.

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