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Sharif Sourour Breaks Into Canada’s Top 100 Twitter Profiles

While in the middle of research about @HonourableHappy, my Twitter account, also known as “Sharif’s Twitface” I found that my account finally reached a goal I had set more than a year ago, to reach Canada’s Top 100 Twitter profiles by followers. I remember being happy to be in the Top 500 Canadian Twitter accounts if I was lucky!

Thankfully my followers are 99% authentic according to Twitter Audit, so there is merit and reason for reaching this milestone. I had, funny enough, forgotten about this goal and just happened to stumble upon the Twitaholic page which confirmed it:

Top 100 Twitter Accounts in Canada by Followers (Twitaholic)

I think this validates the concept of trusting the process, focusing on passion or even falling in love with the art itself rather than the final results, before you realize it you will have reached the results you once wished for when that was no longer even the point. I find success, whether it be love, money or health all seems to work this way, when you are in it with a pure commitment and no other condition then it is just an extension of your spirit and can always find a way to line up with your integrity.

This all ties into my upcoming book on how you can grow your Twitter followers too, 100s of unique, real living and breathing targeted real people of their own volition every day, for free organically, all within Twitter’s rules for less than an hour of time a day.

Stay tuned to all my channels from Twitter, to Youtube and right here on Production Hackers for the product’s launch date.

Want to learn more? Fill out your name and email in the consulting form below (in the sidebar on desktop) and you will be contacted for your very own one-on-one live video consulting opportunity. An opening is not guaranteed, as time is limited and spots can fill quickly!

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