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The 6 Core Energies, 7th Heaven & Reaching For Cloud 9

“The 6 Core Energies”


– Forethought (Planning Energy)

– Creative (Resolution Energy)

– Technical (Practical Energy)


– Stamina (Cardiovascular Energy)

– Flexibility (Dynamic Energy)

– Power (Strength Energy)

“7th Heaven”

The management of the 6 core energies, knowing when to focus on which and in what combination for best energy management.

“Figure 8 Divination”

Positioning yourself in the best position no matter what the case through mastery of 7th heaven, being able to manage all 6 energies in every single situation without compromise.

“Cloud 9 Destination”

The theoretical goal or destination of the practice we’ll refer to as “Cloud 9.” This is when you not only are able to know how to manage all 6 core energies simultaneously, but you are able to do so constantly no matter what, remaining sustainable at the top level of practice.

To Recap

After recognizing all six energies, divided into two groups of 3s between mental and physical energies, you can reach 7th heaven by learning how to manage the right energies and energy combinations for each case, condition or situation. Reaching the “Figure 8 Divination” stage is to reach the immortal technique like the infinity that a figure eight exemplifies, one master the use of all 6 core energies in any situation, to the point one is able to implement all 6 simultaneously if need be. Finally “Clud 9 Destination” is reached when you are able to sustain your 6 core energy mastery from the “Figure 8” level, constantly able to implement all 6 core energies without being easily drained, instead by that point it has become your instinct, able to do the most intensive levels of energy coordination at the highest level even for extended periods of time. This last level is usually built up over a  very high consistent frequency of management.

More to come

I’m now recording a more in-depth video on the subject to increase understanding of these principles so that it is easier for you to apply them in your life or work.

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