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Twitter Growth: You’re Doing It Wrong When…

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Hi Everybody out there in Cyberspace, I’m Sharif from Production Hackers.

I’m coming out with a third in a series of articles on Twitter growth found right here on the blog. This time I’m going into not my suggestions on what you should do, which the previous two articles covered but rather what you are doing wrong if you fall trap to any of these pitfalls I’ve observed again and again on the platform.

Here I go beyond the most obvious basic issues such as a lack of a proper avatar, lack of a bio, lack of Tweets, lack of activity, and so on that most would pin as a new or uninterested user just by looking at their profile and feed, whereas the following issues I’ve found lies more in the behaviour of certain Twitter users who do consistently use the platform and may have a decent profile but engage in behaviour that is far below optimal or even artless.

Buying Followers

Though I’ve seen offers to buy followers since 2011 when I first joined the platform all the way up to today, I’ve never been interested in such a phoney concept for simply pumping up your follower number without there actually being real people behind those follows. This I think hurts credibility yet is ironically employed by some of the most mainstream accounts on the platform! I won’t go into details here (I’ll save that for my upcoming ebook) but you can go ahead and play with a nice little online tool for free by the name of Twitter Audit which can let you check the authenticity of the followers of anybody on Twitter, from that dude down the street to Bill Gates (Note: I have not checked his Audit score as of this writing, you can @HonourableHappy me on Twitter to let me know), you can look up any celebrity or casual Twitter user you please and find what percentage of their followers are real humans and not bought clones.

Posting Spam

I am on the louder side when it comes to Twitter use, though it can come out in spurts like 10-20 minutes tweet storms, but that is not for everyone, and the nice thing about your Twitter account is that it’s your Twitter account and you can use it how you please within reason, if you are abusing people you will be blocked but if you are sharing engaging content, then your flow and frequency is up to you. However some people only post the exact same Tweet again and again, usually an advert, or they only ever post to the same web page without ever doing any other form of Tweeting. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, budding entrepreneur, or or trying your hand at making money online, even for the purpose of revenue, promotions, advertising, marketing, sales and conversions, it is a horrible strategy. Social media is… “SOCIAL!” so it doesn’t work if you are just a broken record with the same ad few could care about. Often I see account like this following thousands while being followed by hundreds at best.

Only Posting To Links From Other Social Media

Though no one minds the occasional post to another social media site, since they are interconnected to a degree and that’s not a bad thing, I don’t appreciate it when a Twitter user decides to make every single Tweet linking to another social media site. Especially when the link is only leading to an image which they could have not been so lazy to actually have taken the time to post the exact same picture right there in Twitter! This is not 2012, it’s not the apocalypse and Twitter accepts images now. When every single Tweet of yours is a link from Instagram and I don’t have an Instagram account, I don’t feel like being pulled off the platform for something that could have been done right in Twitter!

Asking For Favours Without Following You

Perhaps one of the most annoying ones for me personally is when someone asks me a favour and I just met them without any more in depth persuasion, work or relationship building on the part of the person asking. This is even worse off when it’s on Twitter and the person hasn’t even followed you. They might ask you to share a Tweet of theirs to your audience, assuming that you want to share it in advance. It’s really no big deal, but when I have trouble sharing the Tweets of those who follow me and I even follow back, curating only the most amusing or quality material, it becomes almost impossible for me to think of a situation where I think this person without a proper connection with me on Twitter should have first priority in having their content shared on my feed, it is not logical, and some people have their Twitter set to do this automatically, most often through a direct message. That is why my Twitter bio says “no DM.”

Importance of Variety and Respect

As a final note I want to shift gears and conclude on the fact that almost all of the above problems are due to a lack of variety, depth, consideration and taste. This is often out of a pursuit for quick results, lazy behaviour, a lack of authentic love for the process, or simply a lack of respect, curiosity or fascination for the platform. Just sticking to some simple texts or solely advertising or linking to other social media is not dynamic or interesting and doesn’t make it easy for your authenticity to shine through. In some ways it may be better you don’t use Twitter as you will only make yourself look bad if you fall in those pitfalls. Thankfully if you change your ways and heed the advice here on Production Hackers, your Twitter account will have new life and meaning, particularly coupled with the information found in the other articles on this subject on the site.

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