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Getting Over Procrastination #GettingStarted [Video + Transcript Update]

Here I go over some mindsets and techniques from getting over procrastination from multiple angles.



Hi Everybody out there in cyberspace! I’m Sharif from ProductionHackers.Net

Today I’m going to be talking about how to get over procrastination and it’s going to be a simple video. It’s about taking initiative and figuring out ways to get started.

That’s it. When you’re procrastinating or let’s say you get up in the morning and you don’t want to get started on the most important things you got to do, main reason is because you’re just not getting started, and the reason you’re not getting started is because you’re not initiating yourself. So how are you going to get that going?

First of all a big thing is all the resistance you get in your head, you get feelings “Oh, I don’t feel like it!” your body’s not there yet, you’re not prepared yet, you’re not mentally prepared yet or you’re distracted on something that you’re doing that’s different, or you’re pondering “What should I do?” or you’re doubting whether you should do what you set out for yourself to do or you’re trying to come up with new things, maybe to do, after having already committed to something that you already had decided that you wanted to do but…

Here is the key point. Here is the whole reason that you’re getting all this interference or resistance or whatever it is:

Only because you actually set out to do it. It’s only because you really want to do It’s only because you told yourself “We are going to focus and be committed to do it.” that you’re getting the cold feet. It’s the same thing as when you commit to a marriage or something and then right before you feel like you don’t know if you want to do it.

The reason you feel that way is because you do want to do it. It’s because you did already commit to it. It’s because you said you were going to do it, and because you did so much up to this point to ensure that you’d be ready and that you would commit to it, so if you don’t commit now, it’s the moment of truth.

That’s why that happens, it is to see if you’re really real about it or not. If you are, it’s basically the last ditch effort of all the things that you’ve built up inside… emotionally, psychologically and even physically in your body and in your understanding of the world, just coming to resist that final time, to see “Are you really sure about that?” and … most of the time, yes, you are.

I would say probably more than two-thirds of the time. I would say probably around 75% of the time probably, yes, and in fact even if even if it’s not the best decision, it’s better to get

started on to something. So that’s the first point so far… that’s that’s more of a psychological side like a little more abstract theoretical, the principled or valued approach, but that’s just for argumentation to change the mindset.

That’s the one thing you can do; you can shift your mindset, so that’s that’s the first thing. Shifting your mindset to just look to flip the whole thing on on its side, you know what I mean? Put the whole thing around in a whole other way. Do it… totally change it to the other way. That’s one.

The other thing is to kind of start to do things around the thing you want to do, just to get yourself started. To get the ball rolling. Start with those baby steps.

So, let’s say you want to write a paper. You start playing with pencils or figuring out what kind of pencil you want to use instead of thinking about “Okay I’m going to have to finish this

paper!” or, you know, “From the beginning to end it has to be perfect!” and all that, then not even getting started ‘cause “Oh [it’s] too much. I’m not ready” and you know that kind of

resistance so “Boom!” you just succumb to that resistance.

Instead just go and say “Okay well I I know I want to get writing so what about writing with this pencil…” and “Let’s take a look at the pencil” and “We could write this way or on this page.” and “Do I like this page?” … before you know [it], you’re going to be writing because you’re

putting yourself in the right situation.

In other words you’re setting up the right environment and that you can take further beyond just my little example of playing with a pencil (laughs) but, like for example you know getting your desk out and getting to your desk and cleaning your desk up and stacking the paper that you wanted you get going and then putting that page in front of you, then checking to see if it’s sharp enough, your pencil and then sharpen…

That’s just for that task … let’s say you had to cook something, you know, you start with pans, you don’t think about the final dish and everything perfect yet, you just start with the the pan. You just take it a one-step-at-a-time approach or you start to do things around it.

Another approach is visualization. So, before you even do anything you just start to visualize yourself already doing it so you see that you already are writing that paper. You already are cooking that dish. You already are cleaning up your room or cleaning up your living space in your head. You see?

You kind of visualize how are you going to go about it and the different ways of doing it and from there what you’re doing is you’re getting yourself excited. You’re getting yourself motivated and you’re priming yourself. There’s also many ways to prime yourself just thinking like that.

Like you can kind of imagine like massive amounts of positive energy just overtaking all that resistance and just destroying it completely, like you can create that magic. You just do that. It’s like you’re taking pre-emptive action before you even take the action. It’s like you’re taking the action in your mind. You’re creating it as if you’re already there and “Boom!” you’ve got it

already. Made this resistance, this uncertainty, these distractions the lack of focus, these feelings that you’re not excited, you’re not totally into it… all this stuff completely

“Boom!” destroyed just from your own thinking…

So anyways there’s so many different approaches you can take. I really suggest that you give it a shot for yourself. That’s just off the top of my head, you know, a few ideas I rolled around through a couple takes here.

So anyway I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll check you out next time here on ProductionHackers.Net take care.


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