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Multiply Your Impact in 8 Steps (+ DEMP System Intro)

1. Express idea in most expedient format. (Write story, pitch, list or draw rough draft)

2. Based on first expression, transfer to next most expedient format. (Do storyboard, script, strategy or base design)

3. Based on second expression, reverse engineer to determine structure. (Determine script, objections, plan or style guide)

4. Based on structure express in more fleshed out medium. (Animate, test in the field, implement plan, complete prototype)

5. Compare fleshed out version to second expression and assess best direction. (Compare version from step 4 with version from step 2)

6. Remake fleshed out version based on noted direction in assessment where needed.

7. Go back to medium of first expression (most expedient) to now express the same idea but in more depth (or with more impact) based on all above expressions and process. (Do long-form story or continued episodes/chapters, condense pitch & create variants, condense list and create full sublists, or simplify rough draft and create series of variants)

8. With latest more in depth expression in first medium repeat steps from second expression onwards to further expand content or multiply impact and condense. (Follow the same exact process from 1-6 on each piece simplified or expanded in step 7 to multiply the volume or impact of the material from step 6)

This process is continual and can be reiterated as many times as needed in any given situation and can be applied to any division, whether it be designing a product, engineering a sales process, planning meaningfully, or marketing powerfully, this same process can be used to multiply the output or impact of the task at hand.


This kind of process I first learned in musicianship but can be applied to literally anything, since business is a metaphor for life, sales could represent relationships, planning could represent spirituality, production could represent health and marketing could represent wealth. This process could also literally be applied to any of those mentioned areas of life outside of business as well, for instance increasing the impact of your exercise regimen, or your ability persuade members of the opposite sex, or to increase the impact of your study.

In the above summary I refer to indirectly a system I have developed called “DEMP:”

Design – Vision or Direction

Engineering – System or Science

Meaning – Purpose or Mission

Power – Energy or Passion

When referred to in my descriptive paragraph of the process, I related each part of ‘DEMP’ to a certain division, but of course every division has an aspect from every portion of DEMP, I am just matching the most-like energies. Those four divisions mentioned are Production (which I associated to Design), Sales (associated to Engineering), Planning (Meaning) and Marketing (Power, or Promotion).

Just as the 8-Step Impact Multiplication Process, the DEMP system can, not only be applied to every division and facet of business, but every facet of life.

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