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Why Is The New Myspace

Over the past few years, I as many others on the inter webs from the hardcore intent nerds to the internet dinosaurs, those who first came in in the IRC days while others just now or on new platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. From wherever you come from chances are you’re on the major social media platforms out there today, Twitter and the even more likely Facebook. Chances are you’ll spend more time on Facebook than here because of the what you see is what you get clean consistent looking interface that is Facebook. However this post wasn’t written to talk about Facebook, or was it?

Though it may be unfounded there have been cries of complaints from people who claim that Facebook and Youtube are censoring them. Because of this many independent media with a different view than most other major media networks online, these include Dave Cullen, Lee Camp, Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson who all have major independent channels on Youtube whom, like many others have been suffering from the recent major pull-out by large corporate and private advertisers to Youtube whom complained that they didn’t want to be associated with certain controversial or politically incorrect brands causing them to take their funding of major ads throughout Youtube’s main system. Youtube has now created a plan to still generate profit, not for its loyal content creators, but for the companies who pulled out on them, deciding to create a whole new parallel system for exclusive content and interaction among those mainstream companies instead of simply remodelling their business on what made Youtube good in the first place, user-generated content in competition for the highest quality, not a cigar club of players that decide the entire fate of Youtube, a service that would not be as strong as it is without out its organic establishment in the first place.

It was offering users the freedom to post what they want themselves and grow your channel to increase your impact and business with the help of advertiser’s cuts, Unfortunately those were severely diminished and new policies such as requiring subscribers to hit a notification bell button in order to ensure subscription, lest one is randomly unsubscribed like a major glitch reported by several channels. Besides this, there seems to be a new restricted mode that censors any independent news that is not in line with the mainstream narrative, or at least it seems that way. I’ve seen this spoken openly on Youtube about by multiple channels I’m subscribed to. To catch what I’m watching follow my Twitter account @HonourableHappy ( where I post the less mainstream yet still high production and content value videos from Youtube that I’ve dug up and found with the latest news and updates hand-picked by me.

Less than a week ago I got myself on with a brand new social media profile, I went ahead and transferred the skills I spoke about in a couple of my previous articles “So What Is The Key To Growth Hacking Twitter Anyways?” and “14 Tips To Twitter Growth Hacking” to the social media platform and within a couple of days I have nearly 200 subscribers with a lot of steady interaction. I’m going to be coming out with more in the future about the kinds of skills I talk about in the Twitter articles I mentioned above in updated content you can check right here on Production Hackers. I started checking the groups, after subscribing to many of the major figures such as those mentioned above which are already on the platform. Feeling like I’m a hipster on some underground social media site, I looked up to see how many are active on the platform. So far it appears it is over a million people on there currently and active, making it a relatively small yet clearly burgeoning platform, since the platform is relatively new, starting in 2012, this makes sense. IT is a whole new generation of social media platform and I do recommend you give it a try. I have no affiliation with Minds, I just do genuinely think, not including the new virtual reality and augmented applications being developed, but within our current accessible standards, I think the functionality, design and system of is worth experiencing for any social media fans. As a place that is trusted by those who believe strongly and have built large networks and following on the value of free speech, it is worth checking out to be free to express yourself in a way that can only be done by your minds by similar minds that can appreciate you.

If you’ve been having the social media blues, the filtering algorithms of Facebook and its censorship of material, or the occasional censorship that occurs on platforms like Twitter to politically sensitive content, if you’ve been tired of huge platforms where it’s hard for your voice to be heard, and you want to go somewhere where you will be highly appreciated as a valuable member of a still up-and-coming platform, I think Minds would be the right place for you too. Check me out there @SharifS to subscribe to me, and subscribe to my subscribers. They, like my Twitter followers, are awesome!

The biggest thing I’ve noticed about Minds however is how I seem to get the same feeling there, something experimental and open, but for modern times, as Myspace when it first began to get popular and I feel happy, because I like some others doing media out there in cyberspace as well, are still actually fans of Myspace, I even have a list of music track available on there to prove it. Minds has a points system which gives you points for using the platform, posting, interacting and getting engagements. These points can then be used to boost or advertise your content, it’s a very free, open and fair system which I think is on the cusp of totally changing the social media world. I haven’t boosted any of my posts yet and am already standing at 6.3k points. It feels good to be awarded for the depth, frequency and ability that you use the platform, giving you the ability to meet new like-minded people to develop new important relationships and means of access or to connect with people you know from other platforms in a new space.

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