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Universal Systems #ScienceFiction?


The Enlightened – Wise yet misunderstood <- Hardest to understand but best to learn from: because they know the truth, but it can’t be properly explained in an easy to consume way

The Republic – Powerful yet unappealing <- Hard to support unless faced with real threat: because they allow a culture of open cruelty but are better for the whole

The Reptillian – Immune yet cruel <- Easiest to understand, hardest to relate to: because they use direct means to achieve their goals but are unconcerned about loss or gain

The Alien – Advanced yet selfish <- Easiest to relate to, hardest to commit to: because technological advancement for self-interest is popular but loss of individuality is soul crushing

Light Forces – Know everything, are indirect <- Hardest to know or oppose: because their forms are impractical but their plan is indestructible

Wild forces – Know little, are savage <- Hardest to tame or resist: because they are ignorant and completely animalistic


Black holes – Unconditionally destructive yet infinite <- hardest to reach or comprehend: because they are in distant locations and proximity allows them to destroy witnesses

Stars/Suns – Self-generating yet mortal <- easiest to witness, hardest to imitate: because they light up the cosmos but the source of their power appears hidden

Intergalactic Systems – Harmonious yet ever changing <- attractive yet unequivocal: because they make up everything yet can’t stop moving

Inter-dimensional Systems – Hold all together, unchanging <- logical yet difficult to prove completely: because this concept constantly appears as patterns in natural phenomena yet the scope is too deep to cover


Between the black holes (cosmic vacuums) and self-generating forces such as the suns and stars, opposing force is driven to cultivate all intergalactic systems. Between different dimensions this phenomena also exists with parallel principles it is just that the manifestation of positive forces (like sun/stars in our dimension), negative forces (like black holes) and the resultant systems in between may have a different way of manifesting though these macro and micro cosmic systems are principally equivalent.

Wild forces emerge out of fertile worlds spontaneously developed through intergalactic systems. Light forces are awakened in reflection of self-generating forces in harshly cold worlds as only such massive enlightened beings could be so tolerant. The reptilians evolve on harshly hot worlds, as cold-bloodedness handles the heat best allowing for aggressive development.

The aliens were developed by reptilians under the influence of the light forces on planets like ours. Humans were also developed by alien races including both reptilians with the help of their cultivated aliens’ genetics and technology and are split into two main extremes that are successful at self-preservation over the long run, the Republic which focuses on sovereignty and the Enlightened which focus on wisdom.

Though the aliens were developed by the reptilians, they are in a cold war with them over the management of humans. The aliens want to farm and harvest us like material resources and commodities. The reptilians want us to reach our full potential. The reptilians are better at space warfare but the aliens have more advanced technology. A war between them threatens the destruction of all their cosmic systems so they are in agreement to not have an open war. But because their interests are in conflict it gets reflected in a cold war through psychological warfare, technology, manipulating wild forces and information control from the aliens; countered by warfare mastery, political agreements, anarchic values, and unmovable loyalty from the reptilians.

Who has the upper hand in this war is influenced by the current trend which constantly fluctuates. These trends aren’t controlled by any one group or force but are a result of the interactions and relationships between all these forces and the inevitable movement of intergalactic systems on top of the inter-dimensional structure.

When the trend leans towards the light forces, the reptilians have the upper hand against the aliens and the Republic is able to thrive. The enlightened are more influential and consoled in these times as well, since these periods tend to be more openly brutal and the compassionate energy of the illuminated ones becomes attractive during these eras.

When the trend leans towards the wild forces, the aliens get the upper hand, the Republic is weakened, which has the reptilians lose their grip on mankind, which allows the aliens to more easily implement their programs for human harvesting. With a strong influence the aliens persist to distort reality and conceal facts in order to control the masses psychologically. This suppresses the influence of the enlightened ones and allows for demoralization of the masses.

When the reptilian influence becomes extreme, open cruelty and open slavery become the norm which is offensive to human sensibilities. This hurts the Republic’s image as the masses become more impressionable, allowing alien principles to become more attractive, allowing soft power to go towards the aliens favour.

When the unhealthy secret practices, and the existential threat to mankind as a whole becomes apparent through the help of the enlightened ones’ work to expose the individual opinions silenced and mass genocide hidden, it causes the people to wake up and revolt, oftentimes violently which in turns empowers the Republic again to overpower the alien state, once again allowing for stronger covert and militaristic reptilian influences.

The power struggles continue to swing from one side to the other as the situation develops to become more sophisticated and multi-faceted.

Even when the Republic is weakened and the aliens are in power, those humans never stop fighting for sovereignty and thus remain unaffected, prevailing in the long run.

Even when the enlightened beings are silenced, they never lose their integrity and eventually influence cultural customs and traditions over the course of centuries and millennia.


In terms of the structure of the universal systems and the story I thought out, perhaps it’s not so much that there are different alien races from different planets within the same universe, but rather that every “alien” race is in fact just the equivalent of a human race, and that every planet they have come from is equivalent to earth, just that they each live in a completely different universe where exists based on the same universal principles but their development is completely different, and that although most alien races, perhaps an infinite amount potentially, whether like us, more amazing magical or godlike versions of us or more like the greys or reptilians, even alpha-draconians whom represent the different sides of man’s heart, but a small number of those races were able to find ways to make it into completely different universe’s to influence their earth’s so only the most advanced elite races in the multiverse could have the ability to achieve this, and they usually find the wildest or least developed earth in a universe that seems to be experiencing a much older, and less developed time than their dimensions and over millions of years more or less influence the development of our earth species for example or whatever happens to be the universe found by the advanced enough races to do so.

We don’t know how many such races exist, but it could be a dozen, more or less, it is difficult to say but one thing is for sure they would each have to be advanced enough to go completely out of their own universes and into another one, whether through, technology, magic or whatever other advancement they were able to develop the equivalent of many years in the future in their own universe before applying their experiments of developing the perfect race here. I just think that each race comes here independently, that each one wants to develop the beings her win their own way, that most are quiet and influence softly but that only mainly two or three have been attempting to have a more direct impact instead. They are mixed into all of our wars but there are just as well races hat protect as and lee us from destroying other races, each other or ourselves.

In any case this overlaps and layers perfectly overtop of my previous theories on the universal systems in that one planet could be situated where I thought it was in our universe, just that in the other universe that just happens to be earth and its climate, the rule being that there can only be one earth like planet per entire universe and only the most advanced races are allowed to visit other earths in other universes all accepting the fact that they have to work with or compete with other races on the development of species on their own or in collaboration on this planet. That is probably why politics, business and investment are given so much value in our world(s) as that seems to reflect most what the inexplicably rich multiversal body paradox wants.

The same applies to them, perhaps more figuratively, perhaps not, but that politics, business and investment should be our main focus, getting forever better at those things into potential eternity.Politics is direction, the top of the pyramid, investment which appears to be on the top is actually one of two major supports to the political power from underneath (or behind), while the other point at the base is business itself which makes true investments worthwhile and adds value to the benefits of being powerful and willing to deal with the worst job of politics. Thus the worst job has the highest value as it brings the most direction, the wisest job supports it, while the most dynamic job provides the engine for it all to run. The best politician influences with the softest means. The best investor chooses with the greatest wisdom. The best businessman is absolutely committed to the people.


Because of the laws of karma in the universe and the workings of different dimensions, what the aliens didn’t expect was that the souls of the dinosaurs reincarnated into the bodies of the eventual human beings that were resultant, and is a large reason the aliens keep in hiding. The beast that certain nefarious groups developed as mentioned before are too limited in number to make up for the amount of souls lost in the asteroid hit, so the development of the humans, being the reason for the massacre of the dinosaurs karmically it becomes fair for the souls of the dinosaurs to be housed within us. The influences of the dinosaur souls is the reason for our wars over religion and politics, causing humans to act irrationally and dangerous with high levels of power, one of the reasons the human race had wiped itself out in one of many previous earths as this entire development process of the humans through alien and natural influences and forces has happened multiple times in cycles but hopefully this time we won’t be as foolish?

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