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The Interplanetary Mysteries of an IPBI Investigator | Production Hackers Original (Short Story)

In the future, when interplanetary travel is common. Many other planets with human beings have been discovered with full societies and cultures of their own. People have learned the different languages and business as well as the economy has opened up between the currently discovered planets with human inhabitation. The level of development between planets vary, however they are mostly not that far apart.

One day, a space-plane on a routine interplanetary trip of common people from one planet to another mysteriously disappears without a trace. The Interplanetary Bureau of Investigation, or IPBI, immediately hire an investigator to get to the bottom of the missing space-plane.

He takes up the case and using several software in conjunction with each other in a brilliant way, is able to get a lead as to where the space-plane may have went. He decides to go at it alone in order to remain more inconspicuous. Using recently developed vanishing technology, he makes his way into a foreign world and is surprised at what he finds. The inhabitants here are not humans, but aliens, besides animalistic type aliens, the more intelligent breed living here has never been found before. He comes to think that they may have been the ones to capture the hostages. He secretly lets the IPBI know and urges them to leave him go at it on his own so as not to be easily discovered. They agree but are prepared to send backup at any point in case of an emergency.

Through his searching about carefully, he discovers the hostages in a facility for testing. Though apparently safe, they are being analyzed in strange fashions. The investigator is trying to determine what the reason is for the analysis without blowing his cover. He comes upon what appears to be breeding grounds for human bodies, yet the bodies are incomplete or not like real humans.  He also simultaneously discovers plans that show how to enter the human body from other dimensions. He suddenly realizes that the aliens are trying to recreate the human bodies for themselves so that is why they have taken these human bodies and have been secretly doing these tests. He determines that these aliens are evil for capturing humans, running strange tests and maybe trying to replace them so he determines to kill all of them in order to eliminate all the evil in the universe. Just then, because of recently raised suspicions that a human may have entered their world to find the missing space-plane passengers, the aliens come to find him. Using technology to see people using vanishing tools, they find and capture him in the middle of his discovery of their plans.

They take away his devices for communicating with the IPBI as well as his other advanced tools and also find and capture his ship. They put him in a central special building for analysis of human bodies as they will use him for that later, but keep him in a special prison since they know he knows more and they don’t reveal it to their alien public so as not to have them know that a human was able to break into their world and find them out.

While imprisoned he starts to come up with a plan of escape in which he would kill the aliens and save the hostages, but it is tough because he knows little of where he is and how this world is. He finds a way to escape with his trusty, simple human tool, a swiss army knife. He frees himself from his electronic chains by short-circuiting it and carefully breaking it apart without harming himself. Using an IPBI specially developed wax-like body-double that inflates from a standard photo-camera size case, he puts it in his place during a least suspecting time to fool the cameras. He realizes that he doesn’t have much time as they will know it’s a fake when they come to see him in person. (the way the blow-up figure works is that it is put on like a hat and inconspicuously covers the whole body and molds to look like the person in shape and color. As the person escapes from it from the bottom, it blows up using air pressure as the person escapes and it is fully blown up.)

Quickly and stealthily he begins to go through the various ventilation systems in the building he is in to find a way to capture some aliens to have them help him save the hostages before killing them. He looks through for a long time, all while trying to avoid his being found out and with most likely very little time he seems to find nothing that can help him until he discovers one room that is very intriguing. Meanwhile, the IPBI realizes the investigator has been gone for too long and they trace his steps to find him, but without any good result.

What the investigator finds in the room is a recording of the history of humankind from a technological perspective, starting from the early 1900s on several planets. It appears that the aliens, from other dimensions and in hidden ways, were passing along their technology and helping people develop it without humans themselves even knowing it was from them. He sees that this was to lead to a point where they were in close enough contact with humans that they could find a way to achieve their plan of having the human body for themselves.

After seeing this, he realizes that although the intent of taking the human body is evil, almost everything he has relied on, has loved and has worked with was actually not something that would exist how it does without the aliens having brought it about. He sees that the aliens can’t all be bad as they did help humans to fulfill many of their desires. He decides to go back to his prison cell because; it is very difficult to free these hostages, not get caught, or cause any trouble, similar to what he was trying. He decides to negotiate with them, he finds that the real evil that he needs to eliminate is the evil within himself and that he needs to take care of matters in a proper way with kindness and civility.

He tells the aliens he wants to negotiate, after some analysis they understand his intent and under strict control allow him to find a way to communicate with them. Using software to explain visually what he is thinking he is able to communicate with them his thoughts. He explains to them that he is very appreciative of what the aliens have given humankind in terms of technology as it has helped humans to fulfill many of their desires, but their wanting the human body for themselves and their capturing of people to conduct testing and analysis in strange ways is definitely wrong.

The aliens decide to discuss the matter among themselves at the top level and they come to a conclusion. About half of the aliens think that the human is right, that they are aliens, not humans and should be themselves and not try to be something else and that they should mind their own business, though they may have helped humans fulfill their desires; humans are less humans than they were when they originally wanted their bodies anyway. They have also put so much effort into getting humans’ bodies that their own technological development has slowed and they are less like the aliens they originally were.

The other half or so of the aliens disagrees and thinks that this human knows too much, he needs to be killed, even replacing his memory wouldn’t work as this kind of person may do it again. They think that all of these years the alien species has tried to get the human body for themselves and they are finally close to doing it, they should continue what they have started and not waste all of their efforts because of one human. They are just about to get the human body and nothing can stop them from doing so, and anyone that tries will be killed.

This erupts a war between the aliens and chaos ensues throughout their world. This is the perfect time to escape. The investigator is helped freed by some good aliens who think he is right and agree with the aliens that want to remain true to their species. They also help him to kill the evil aliens in the way as well as save the hostages.

The IPBI finally find the right place and find chaos with these alien beings they’ve never seen before. These aliens that they encounter try to attack them, but the IPBI agents are able to eliminate them. Because they see these aliens have in some regards more advanced technology, they keep their guard and hide away from the chaos while trying to carefully discover the whereabouts of their missing investigator.

It seems that the investigator finds the IPBI agents after recapturing his ship and bring the saved hostages on board. The good aliens bid him adieu as they want to get back to help win this war over the evil aliens because it is a very tough war and they need help, the investigator says he might be able to get them some more aid in the battle. After meeting with the other IPBI members, with the hostages safe, he explains the situation and they agree to send over forces to help the good aliens in the fight against the evil ones.

The evil aliens when encountered by the many humans helping the good aliens realize they’re outnumbered and stand no chance. Most of them get destroyed for fighting to the end while the remaining few stop fighting and find a place to hide so that they cannot be found. The war is won for the good aliens and the humans can go back home.

The hostages, now freed, are sent back to their home planets, back to their families whom are happy to discover that they are now safe. The investigator becomes the liaison between the aliens and the interplanetary government and the finding of the intelligent alien species is kept under wraps in order to ensure no stirrup among the common people.

The freed hostages return to their homes and are told a cover up story created by the interplanetary government for them to use in which the interplanetary government claims that it was the government’s fault that the ship went off the radar without them going into too much detail, explaining that involves sensitive information. They also offer the former hostages’ families compensation for their mistake.

The government tells the former hostages that they cannot openly reveal what truly happened and the discovery of the more intelligent aliens to people if they want to keep their benefits. They all agree. Many of them decide to take up more originally human activities such as the classical arts, cultivating the land and cultivating themselves through practices such as meditation since most of them feel that they are tired of all these modern pursuits that have been getting away from what is originally human.

The investigator takes home a big lesson; the most crucial evil one must face is the evil which may be in himself and that unraveling the mystery of who he truly is can allow the real evil to always be subdued.

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