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“The Triforce Effect” Part 3/3 Of The 3 Brain Modes of Operation Series

Today I wanted to go into the last part in the series of articles exclusive to Production Hackers talking about the 3 modes of brain operation I have put together notifying the alpha as the proactive leader type, the beta as the learning and processing type with the omega as the creative and productive type. If you need to catch up check the first part here. After that I went into different strategies in terms of prioritizing and organizing your brain modes not just from day-to-day but in coordination with each other to get the most impact. I suggested a trilateral strategy making alpha the chief in my “Alpha-Command” strategy appointing the alpha as the top point of the pyramid with the beta and omega modes the supporting base points. Though I also brought up some other alternative or experimental strategies when looking at the three brain modes of operation, I signified the Alpha-Command strategy as the suggested one to follow. You can check up on that article here. In this article I am taking the original Alpha-Command pyramid foundation and multiplying it into the Triforce Alpha-Command.

Triforce Alpha-Command Strategy

Moving on from the Alpha-Command strategy there is the “Triforce Effect” which we can apply to multiply and exponentiate the power of the Alpha-Command. I realized this upon thinking about a different pyramid based strategy I have employed, but instead of tackling the brain, tackling media projects. My approach was always to attempt, learn and aim for the largest, most difficult and complicated aspect of the problem first learning from failing or the experience in doing so, with the next attempts only ever seeming easier by creating a psychological contrast bias; if I already attempted the hardest thing, no matter how successful or failing, trying it again or going further from here can only get easier for this project from this point on. This is an intimidating but highly effective way to approach learning how to do something or completing larger projects. However I realized upon thinking of that strategy that I was only thinking about one realm of the 3 brains, the omega or creative development mode, what if I transferred that project completion pyramid structure as a micro structure into the larger Alpha-Command pyramid structure to deepen and strengthen the density of my game plan enabling the Triforce Effect.

The Triforce Effect

After breaking it down we can look at each realm best fit for each mode of brain operation and how to effectively organize each host of tasks in the most effective and momentous fashion. This would mean like one may attempt to make his goal a feature film in order to force himself to learn the production medium inside and out, the same can be done for what more importantly should be the realm of the prioritized brain mode of operation, the alpha, as noted in the last article. To do so one would attempt a very large sales target, if you’re making tens of thousands a year, go for a million, if you’re making millions go for hundreds of millions, if you’re in the deca-millions go for a billion and so on, pushing you to problem-solve, breaking down your yearly goals into months, days minutes and hours and determining how to meet your micro-goals to meet your bigger picture in the arrangement and levels that work best for your business. Finally we can not forget the ever-so-crucial beta state, prioritizing high level abstract learning and high level training and practical performance progress and regimented and repetitive memorization of the most important fundamentals and basics in every area, above the more supportive aspects of materials of interest and your ever so important homework. I will extrapolate further, separating each states realm below.

The Alpha Pyramid Strategy (Marketing)

As noted above within the realm of the alpha state you want to prioritize the largest, most difficult and complicated thing, which in all reality is prospecting, closing and relationship development. This is supported by the ever-important sales and processing systems forming one point of the base with the other supporting point being you’re actual marketing and promotions strategy keeping your ear to the ground and foot to the floor, always staying relevant, properly branding yourself openly working out the best strategies for appealing to your target customers beyond your direct prospecting efforts.

Therefore you need to lead with sales which are supported by points of contact and access to services, products or consultations along with a marketing strategy that is outgoing and reaching the people in innovative and eye-catching ways that only serve to further define your brand.

The Beta Pyramid Strategy (R&D)

For your studies and learning, you need to start with the most challenging aspects that either apply generally to your business or more specifically to your niche. You need to prioritize the most difficult part of R&D being its entire goal, which is innovation meaning you need to learn and master the highest level of what’s already out there in order to truly bring it to somewhere new, see it from a whole new lens, distance or angle potentially making entirely new connections for the field altogether. This has to be supported by a combination of constantly reiterating and strengthening the basics as a foundational point, ensuring you never lose sight of the bigger picture for the cause, while simultaneously being supported by the other base point doing your homework, organizing, practicing, learning in every way possible, making sure you are processing all forms of information media through all your capable facilities in all possible variances.

Thus you should make the goal of your learning to take education, knowledge, information, intelligence and learning itself to a whole new level, while being based on a mastery of the fundamentals further cultivated with daily practice and fleshed out through your research, homework, documentation, and production of assessments, theories and blueprints to more easily build from.

The Omega Pyramid Strategy (Production)

Finally to be covered is the Omega Pyramid, where you need to be concerned where the highest goal in your creative process. This is usually the completion of a large scope project, but it is always relative to where you are. If you’ve never written a piece of code in your life, then a full fledged yet one-player 2D game would be large enough of a mission to go for whereas if you’ve already made such software an open-world multiplayer 3D game is a better goal or even a full-fledged game engine to really challenge your strengths. This large mission or goal is then supported by your mastery of all the various media involved within the larger project in the case of a film for instance this would be screenplay writing, acting, recording, score, production design, cinematography, editing, compositing, producing, directing and so on. The other base point supporting the larger goal in your omega pyramid structure is your inspirations, being deeply knowledgeable about the final products and inner workings of your competitors, mentors or those you are modelling your business around. You need to have a deep understanding of what’s already out there to know where you fit, how you can market yourself which wars you should take on and which battles you should avoid, this is instrumental to your strategy and your being able to connect with the culture, the community and network with key people to really take your work to a whole new level of scope.

To summarize it is to plan out, such as in a design document, foundational book, a manifesto or bible for your project or even a full script as the your priority using your mastery of the various related arts and your knowledge and immersion in what your field truly has to offer to support the larger goal to a realistic realization.

The Triforce Your Own Way

The above are just examples and you can figure out based on the core structure of the above concepts, with the examples as templates for your company you can achieve your own full Triforce effect by combining the Alpha, Beta and Omega pyramids into the larger pyramid of the Alpha-Command Strategy what you get is the Alpha realm, your entire sales strategy as outlined in the Marketing domain as the first priority of your company with the R&D and Production strategies as the supporting point to your main priority.  This organization may look different depending on the nature of your work, your level of specialty, how you work, how many people you might work with or whom those people may be in relation to you but you are encouraged to find your own way to emplement the power of the above strategy structures into you’re own business.

Exponentiating Triforce Depth

The more in depth you can go through all that are involved in your organization you can take the above concept infinitely further step-by-step and level-by-level formulating better prioritized triangular structures within each point inside each realm suited for each coordinated mode of brain operation. This means taking the finer point prioritized in your sales strategy, for example, first, breaking down your large sales target into multiple avenues for the prospecting, closure and relationship building  respects of the system. This could mean you would prioritize prospecting as the upper point supported by the points of closure and relationship building. You can then go even deeper and break down prospecting itself into three points of its own, reaching out, engaging prospects and following up, with engagement at the top of the pyramid with reaching out and following up as supportive points. As you can see this can go on endlessly breaking down each point within your macro point into three points of their own and organizing those into the prioritization pyramids to tackle any problem, at any scope and any depth, balancing each macro problem being solved with the other major divisions that need to be dealt with as well at every layer and section of your entire establishment.

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