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Evan Carmichael Sends Exclusive Video Tweet Through Sharif Sourour’s Twitter

Evan Carmichael (@EvanCarmichael on Twitter). A well-known and long established Youtuber of “Top 10 Rules” fame, where he has his team compile the best video clips from the greatest figures humankind has to offer with tips on life, relationships, self-awareness and business, Evan Carmichael is an excellent gateway into the world of Entrepreneurship through the journeys of prolific, celebrated, and highly recognized individuals, providing the cream of the crop in their advice and outlooks on life.

On Tuesday April, 11th, 2017, Sharif Sourour (@HonourableHappy) shared one of Evan Carmichael’s Youtube videos, “How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone” on his Twitter feed as he shares new videos from Evan daily and one of his followers responded with Evan included in the Tweet mentions (since Sharif usually tags the authors in his shares and Twitter auto-replies to all @mentioned or tagged names).

The follower in question was feeling distraught in his business saying that he has felt in his discomfort zone for over a year with no progress. Sharif responded promptly, suggesting flexibility, open-mindedness and following mentors. He also remembered one of Evan’s suggestions, as related, to not only focus on working within the business but to also work on the business itself as well. The distraught business owner in question thanked Sharif through a couple mid-afternoon Tweets.

Later that evening, Sharif’s struggling follower got a treat from Evan Carmichael in the form of a direct video Tweet specifically to him:

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