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3 Things You Need To Be A Consultant #Worksheet


Niche and an offer


Way to generate prospects


Process to sell prospects into clients



– Become king of the mountain
– Clients come to you, no need to chase
– You’ll beat competition & generalists by being #1 in niche

Your Skills List:

[ List your skills you believe you can become the top or #1-#2 in field here]

Media Production



Graphic Design/Web Development

Computers/Technology (IT)

Dance/Live Performance/Speaking

Industries You Know List:

[List all the industries you understand deeply enough to offer a fresh solution, brainstorm some solutions and some points of strength required in that industry to consider here]


Gaming – Fresh Fun killer VR/AR or Mixed reality App (Show Biz Manager Sim, etc…), Originality, innovation,  Deep/Quality/Appealing Designs, Clear Branding.

Online Marketing – education, skills, relationship building current methodologies, current trends, data management, customer acquisition, prospecting, closing, and managing clients.

Social Mediatraffic, email,  Twitter, establishing a brand, Facebook ads, snapchat, instagram, Youtube, with free and paid platforms at a master level of skill, knowledge and experience.

Entertainment – high integrity, high value messages, bright high detail visions, truly touching stories, tropes or styles in a new way, new genres, perfecting less popular genres, revitalizing genres.

Music – melodic yet catchy music, meaningful lyrics, prolific and dynamic artists, music made neither for advertising, night life or scoring but instead just for listening,  beautiful branding, bright empowering messages that are genuine.

How to think of your potential Clients


What keeps them up at night?
What is their biggest problem?
What issues do they face?

Important Objectives:

  • Find your sweet spot
  • Carve out a niche
  • Define the mountain you’re willing to climb
  • Own it

researching market needs and desires

To do
- Identify Top 10 blogs in my niche use (any niche, use keyword )

- What are the most popular blogs?

- The most liked, engaged, commented, interacted with.

- That gives clue on demands

- Check what people are saying

- Who are the top 10 gurus in the niche

- Follow them

- See what they’re saying

- Look up top 10 books for your niche on Amazon
^ This beats most consultants

Important Tip:

Define what you do and who you help clearly. Most don’t know, so be clear and articulate; define who you are and what you’re solving.


I help [niche] to [solve problem] through [method]

I help game developers to fill the gaps in their skills or resources through an asset store
I help small businesses to increase traffic with my social media education program (pretty much in the footsteps of Tai’s SMMA)
I help music producers to produce, brand and market their music with my social media education program & producer asset store
I help media producers to develop quality content more quickly through my training program

From my experience with online consultants this is the Process:

1. Prospect clients to commit to appointment webinar
2. Summarize everything they’re going to need to know in an easy to understand way, (there’s no better ad than the product)
3. Pitch the long form version of that information available in multimedia formats at a several thousand dollar price tag

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