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Behind-the-Scenes At Production Hackers [1] Developing “The Power Learner” [Audio]

Here at Production Hackers we’re developing educational systems and content to help others hack through the unnecessary parts of their life in order to focus on the most impactful actions they can take. This could be applied to the quality or density of your content being increased while minimizing the fluff, to bring more value in the same time, as efficient tools techniques, workflows and systems in your production pipeline or the very development of systems, discovering the best processes for creating the most powerful integration of the highest quality components in the most appropriate and applicable way.

In this behind-the-scenes talk I do a rundown of the main core concepts of “The Power Learner” an educational program currently in development to change lives towards greater richness of mind, life, heart and soul. This is all based upon developing your energy through what I call “Self-Activation,” increasing your humility to allow for progress, stability and systems development, and finally about taking a systematic approach to your very process, allowing you to constantly improve your consistency, a key component to making your dreams a reality.


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