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3 Modes of Brain Operation Part 2: The Alpha-Command Strategy

The entire point of this approach is balancing and coordinating the strengths of your different modes.

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In a recent post, “Working Around Your Spontaneous Modes of Operation,” I covered my 3 spontaneous modes of operation; Alpha, Beta and Omega. The straight-man, the nerd and the creative moods I may fall into from one day of the next paralleling theories of established Psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan with his Syntaxic, Parataxic and Prototaxic modes of the brain which are referred to in that post.

Today I would like to continue on the subject with a strategy on how to make the most of those three modes of operation not just from one day to the next in terms of matching the current dominating ones, but by making intentional steps in your thinking and approach to make the most of those three modes concurrently thus enabling you to leverage the strengths of each one of those modes simultaneously to have a level of impact and power that could go beyond just one of those modes being employed mainly alone.

Alpha-Command Strategy

The strategy I am proposing this time is one where you make the Alpha the head or leader of the the three point pyramid, thus being the top point and ultimate goal of the organization. However, just as importantly on the bottom left and right you need to have the beta and omega points just as strong for the pyramid to actually work as it is meant to at full strength, since we know the triangle is the strongest shape and thus has been employed heavily by architects and engineers since ancient times until today.

By putting the Alpha mode at the top as the director with the beta and omega modes as unwavering supports this actually can be exemplified by putting more intentional effort into your creative efforts even if you feel that is against the very nature of your ability to be inspired or creative, if you study the teachings of must successful artists or entertainers, most admit that though there may been a time when they relied on luck for their talents, they did not truly make it until they put in a dedicated unstoppable and authentic high-frequency thought, energy and impactful work, training or preparations before they could actually cash in on those natural talents with which they were blessed. Even the biggest star athletes, with the best genetics and best in-born talents could never make it without working harder than everyone else at it on top of that. If they didn’t work as hard, those with less natural ability could surpass them, if they only worked as hard as everyone else, the other gifted and born talents would be able to match them, it is only by increasing the level on top of your unique strength by working harder than everyone else at it on top of already having it come easy to you that you can make the best of all worlds, becoming truly extraordinary.

In practice this means prioritizing discipline over everything else. Eliminating all excuses, no matter what you feel, no matter what the condition, no matter what is going on in your relationships, no matter what’s happened in your past or how good or bad things seem today, if you’re not doing well discipline, doing the right things, including studying those whom are examples of the exact person you want to be and preparing a program, material or map for you to follow and executing like a star, working with the moment, whether it be against the grain or adding something to the table, putting a spin on the script to potentially make it better where necessary or knowing when to yield and hold back more than the script asks where that will have more impact, which you learn through trial and error; in other words experience.

With the alpha mode as your core layer or the guiding light of your triangle, the zenith of your pyramid or ultimate goal and therefore your first priority, you can begin layering the beta and omega states to be the unbreakable supports to your discipline. With the power of authentic learning, intuition and self-evaluation, your beta state can set the foundations for making the most of your practice, most of all providing a reference, a comparison and something tangible to calibrate your work against. Next is implementing your alpha state into your omega by not just using your omega or as your mainstay, in other words winging it when it comes to work, but the opposite by taking the nature which is spontaneous and refining it into a proper structure or script so that when you perform creatively you are no longer concerned with a lot of the finer decision making on the fly as you are attempting to perform the main creative task, meaning you have done your homework, don’t have to worry about the minor things and can focus on the main parts of the task essentially making your work much more effective and likely to come out better and better.

Other Suggested Side-Strategies and Considerations

Though I think the alpha state should command both the beta and omega states instead of ever giving those other two states the main command nor isolating one state instead of taking advantage of their coordination altogether, there are some side-strategies which can also be implemented that are effective through this form of thinking as well as potential approaches to avoid. For example implementing the omega state into the beta state (after implementing alpha first) can make it so that you’re study is not only disciplined, consistent and relevant but so that you are able to obtain new information from the same material or see it in an unusual way, potentially taking one person’s experience that is unlike your life and better being able to solve the core principles that are transferrable to your own life with that creative or even lateral thinking. Another example would be applying the beta state into the alpha state as an alternative to the reverse, where you ensure that you don’t just study the information in your field that you think you need but that you study the top people in your field, transfer their core principles that align with your integrity to your specific situation and applying them so you have a better idea of what you really want to learn in the first place, in case it was not exactly what you originally thought it should be in the beginning. Though you could perhaps apply the beta mode to the omega and seek to learn out-of-the-box innovative things, this could end up a wasteful practice of consumption without personal growth, so always be sure the strategy you pick is not going against the strengths of anyone of those three modes of the brain, as the entire point of this approach is balancing and coordinating the strengths of your different modes, so avoid the extremes.

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