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28 Steps to get your LinkedIn connections to your Gmail Contacts (Spring 2017)

Today I’m going to be going over a process for importing your LinkedIn connections’ emails into your Gmail contacts. I’m using the latest version of LinkedIn, which recently received a serious visual update, so you can be sure we’re on the same page.

This tutorial is broken down into three sections, the “LinkedIn Part”, the “Excel (Spreadsheet) Part” and the “Gmail Part” all in 28 steps. I’ve also provided some screenshots and reference links for your convenience. If you still have any questions, feel free to @mention my account on Twitter @HonourableHappy.

So without further ado, onto the tutorial!

LinkedIn Part

1. Go to LinkedIn and sign in

2. Click on the “My Network” button at the top

3. Click on light grey text on top right reading “Manage synced and imported contacts”

4. Check “Select All” box at top of list

5. Under “Advanced actions” on the bottom right click “Export Contacts”

6. Click on “Request Archive” button

7. Enter your LinkedIn password

8. Leave, wait 1-10 minutes and come back to the same page to find your download link

9. Unzip the folder and look inside to find “Connections.CSV” file

10. Download Google.CSV file from this link:

Excel (Spreadsheet) Part

11. Open Excel or similar spreadsheet program

12. Open both Connections.CSV from LinkedIn file and Google.CSV file from above link

13. Select and copy all cells under the “FirstName” cell in Connections.CSV file

14. Paste copied cells immediately under “Given Name” in the Google.CSV file

15. Repeat last two steps from “LastName” to “Family Name” and “EmailAddress” to “Email 1 – Value”

16. Save your Connections.CSV file as a copy (You can call it Connections_copy.CSV for example)

17. With your original Connections.CSV file closed and your copy opened delete the entire “Email Address” column

18. With the first cell to the right of the first cell under the “LastName” selected type the first and last name of the person and hit enter

19. Repeat the same thing, entering the full name of the next person in the list and you will see a preview list of full names, hit enter.

Hard to follow the steps 17-19? Check out Microsoft’s official guide here:

Alternatively, steps 17-19 can be replaced with the process in your spreadsheet program if other than Excel.

20. Select this new list of full name cells and repeat steps 13 and 14 pasting the list of full names into the “Name” column in the Google.CSV file

21. Save the Google.CSV file (with a new name like “LinkedIn_to_Google.CSV” if you prefer)

Gmail Part

22. Sign in to your gmail account

21. Click on the Gmail text on the top right to reveal a drop down

22. Click on “Contacts”

23. If the new interface comes up, click on “Go to old version” at the bottom left (this will change later)

24. Hover over the left menu on the screen above contacts available in chat to reveal all the options clicking on “Import connections from file”, selecting and importing your latest CSV file

25. Click on the automatically created group at the top left with all your LinkedIn Connections’ emails

26. Click on the “More” button

27. In the drop-down click on the “Rename Group” option at top

28. Rename the group to something short like “LinkedIn” and now you can easily see the number of connections in brackets next to the group name

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