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Combining Soft and Hard Skills Like The Greats #Balance



Comparisons and notes

  • Bring people in with the soft
  • Keep them from leaving with the hard
  • Build yourself up with the hard
  • Promote yourself with the soft
  • Learn from the soft
  • Apply with the hard
  • Go for the hard
  • Present it soft
  • Put no effort in
  • Be in the best condition
  • Work hard on yourself like kung fu
  • Meditate peacefully like a monk

Disney, Pixar, Nintendo, Apple, Ghibli, LucasArts, are all example companies that come to mind when it comes to combining hard and soft skills in balance. When it comes to people, off the top of my head I would say Michaelangelo, who painted the most beautiful art in the most painful way or Jerry Seinfeld who is among those that do clean comedy the best or even Paul McCartney who manages to go from hard rock techniques to soft ballads at a moment’s notice or writing a simple jingle to an epic score; he is able to balance his positive soul with his hard skills.

It does not have to be anything big or epic necessarily though, it could simply be a useful product in a convenient package or a convenient service with a helpful guide, meaningful yet truly painstaking art, highly intelligent tools or information provided in the easiest to understand way, and so on.

By ensuring both soft and hard skills are connected and balanced, you are able to ensure both stability and quality to your support systems.

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