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Art Special Drawing Compilation Over 10 Images in 4 Categories

This time I decided I wanted to do something different and compile a whole selection of my art from different periods in different categories that I’ve never put online or on social media before, with a focus on being able to exemplify versatility and a natural progress or development in my hand-drawn art. I’ve broken these down into four sections below with an included description for each image.

The first section, From Drawings, is based on how I first learned to draw, by copying others’ drawings by eye. The second section, From Photos, is as you would imagine practice drawing from photography. The third section, Original, are simply original works where there were no direct references for the material. Finally, the fourth section, from life are drawings actually made with the subject live in front of me as I drew.

WARNING: Before you continue, be warned there are a couple of images included with some light full frontal nudity.

With that out of the way, let’s start with the first selection of images!

From Drawings

The above image was drawn at around 12 years old, when I by this point, being a serious artist for about 4 years, had honed the skill of copying drawings by eye, to the point I could draw the above image in about an hour while still in Junior High.

This image from several years later was drawn during my mid-teens, after going through a long period of doing more original and from life drawings, I wanted to prove to myself that I could still do it just as before.

The final selection from this category was a quick sketch I did based upon a style of anime I greatly admired and was drawn sometime in between the two images displayed above it, around the time I was phasing out from this kind of artwork.


This is one example from my artwork when based on photography, I always found this marvelous practice for proportions and realism as well as finer details that one sometimes doesn’t think up without reference. In either case it’s a great study.

This time I wanted to add subtle stylization to the photography source, similar but less extreme to some of the digitized archived images in an anime style I posted in a previous article on this blog.


The above is a small excerpt from my urban phase, mainly through high school where I focused on street and graffiti style art, there was a lot of heavily styled lettering and designs but I wanted to include the original character portrait to show how that phase influenced my style relative to the other included images.

These were a few character designs for one of my written stories, showing how my own original designs began to reach the level of my copied work, this was not long after graduating from high school.

A few years after that, I had studied and practiced more classical and renaissance styles, and a particularly important time in my spiritual path, I came up with the above image, among others, based on developments in my meditation practice at the time.

From Life

My first girlfriend in high school, was also an artist and though I drew the above relatively fast at the time, I think it turned out well since she, being quite talented (and a bit older than me) inspired me to do very well with very little, using a softer charcoal pencil, I was forced to be economical with my strokes and detail, and unintentionally I think it came out quite balanced.

During my early adulthood I was lucky enough for my girlfriend at the time to model semi-nude for me, and I think it turned out pretty well and tasteful.

A friend at the time who was also an artist, we actually sketched each other as we sketched each other making for a very intensely focused and concentrated session, we didn’t draw together for long but there was a lot of potency generated in this practice. Find another good artist and try the same thing, draw each other as you draw each other, it’s a really involving and worthwhile experience.

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