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Daily Drawing Digitizing The Archives 4 Ogimura Portrait

Up until this point on the site I’ve only shared rough storyboard and design sketches on the site, today I decided to share a drawing in a more finalized state before deriving it into any other media. It’s also a drawing I’ve never shared anywhere else on the inter webs.

I’m also planning on redrawing any rough sketches into a finalized form before being used, that goes without saying when it comes to me, but that may not be clear to people out there, so I thought I could give an example of what my drawings look like in a more finished state so as to the standards you can expect from future updates or more of my finalized work.

This time I dug out a selection of interest from about 6 years ago, it was a finalized pencil portraying the two-time Japanese table tennis World Champion, Ogimura. I adjusted the colour as usual in photoshop for better contrast for the archives.