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The Real Reason Successful People Also Read A Lot #GoDeep [Transcript Update]




Hi everybody out there in cyberspace this is Sharif and today I’m going to be talking about something a little bit more intellectual. That’s why I’m gonna keep my glasses on… Actually, to be honest, I actually hate intellectualism on some level so I don’t want to pretend to be pompous and pretentious and somehow smarter or somehow more right in the subjects I talk about or in the way I speak or whatever, but anyway I’m just kidding around about that part. I just thought that the glasses would be more of the theme. I was talking about how a lot of successful people as you may have noticed are very much into reading and of course usually in their field or whatever is useful to them, you know, studying, kind of being book nerds, bookworms and not just for anything, but things that are relevant to, their overall mission because, as we know, positive people think about what they want and how they’re going to get it; and oftentimes reading is going to help them to figure out how.

Also the other thing I wanted to say was I kind of had this insight this morning about more of why I mean there’s obviously all the obvious reasons; “knowledge is power,” education, studying, you know to help you build your strategy and so on and so there’s so many things that could be said about why reading is good and why that’s obvious you know because becoming smarter and just more educated, obviously, and where what you can do with that in terms of leveraging it that’s clear… but what I really understood which was at least to me not so clear was a much deeper and less superficial reason. You know, not just for getting ahead or having some kind of certification or being having completed some scholarly achievement, it’s actually something much much much deeper and much less superficial.

You ever notice how a lot of the most successful people are always saying it’s not about money in the end? You always wanted to say “Okay I’m sure they really mean that but …I’m not into money so how come I’m not like on a huge stack of gold?” you know what I mean? But the reason is because there’s actually a deeper message there. I found out that through reading this can be achieved and that is kind of unlocking who you really are. It’s not just a matter of unlocking the opportunities for you to be able to do what you want to do but for you to be able to unlock who you really are in the first place in every single facet and respect and therefore having a better grip on what it is you really want. You might learn that you want something that you didn’t even know that you wanted or that you are something or someone that you didn’t even know you were because you are able to process that information.

Of course you could get the similar experience just in your regular life experience, something that happened out in the wild or, you know, just in your ordinary life or in your close relationships or other things that you’re into, but the book, the format, the ancient format is still so relevant today. You’re reading text is an extremely dense way to take in information so if it’s very high quality and very valuable information that is integral to your path to you and you really believe in or who you really see yourself as ultimately, then that’s going to be a very efficient way to basically explore not only what’s out there in the world much more quickly and easily, of course, which is why it has always been so popular but also to be able to explore within yourself. A lot of readers have experienced this to some degree but if you’re just like to say reading fantasy or fiction it could be a little bit distant or indirect I mean it still will unlock some emotions and sometimes very deeply, and sometimes it can even be life-changing as well, but when you’re on a mission when you have a strategy where you have a vision, when you have a direction that you’re going, when you’re in charge, when you’re proactive, when you’re making the choices of where you want to go in your life, like most successful people are, and then you’re reading about something that is relevant, not just to some goal or for some status or position or fame or something like that, but something fulfilling, completely fulfilling as a human being, as part of the human experience.

When you read those books it’s unlocking those things you’re really looking for, what you really want, the real process you need that goes beyond just some superficial work regimen, though those things are very important don’t get me wrong, it’s unlocking your real goal and your real origin, who you really are and what you really believe in, what your stances and understanding are, what you truly want beyond the limitations of what you’ve already experienced or thought was reality or true. Kind of opening up what reality even is to you and seeing things in a new light. Learning about yourself more deeply and more richly and that’s where real riches are and real successes are is finding the riches within your own heart, you know, your own soul that’s, you know, the point really. It’s not it’s not about what level, because anyone who works at something hard and smart, focused enough, concentrated enough, consistently enough, is creative enough, it’s doing putting everything that they regard to its going to do well in it. That’s not something as special as everybody makes it seem. It just could stands out, it shines. That’s why people like it. People like shiny things but anyone can achieve that and that’s such a positive a wonderful message, but it’s not for that, it’s not for the image, it’s not for other people to look at you because you’re shining. It’s free to be who you should be and reach your true potential and for other people not to just adore you and praise you or idolize you, but for them to see that that they can do that too, so they can be their ultimate selves. That they can always improve who they are right now, to be someone that they didn’t even know that they could be. Achieve even beyond your conception as to how good and amazing in some cases you already are [but] maybe not realizing it, or could be if you’re not on as much of a positive path. That’s so important, much more important than any of those superficial things.

It’s quite ironic because you come to realize when you learn about more rich and successful people that in fact these people are quite deep, a lot of them, of course a lot of them are still human and make a lot of mistakes and because they have there’s a lot more stakes to what they do a lot more money a slight human vice or flaw is going to appear like a huge evil plot to hurt people, but I mean at least a lot of where the success seems to come from, I wouldn’t say is in the corruption or the bad ways, which is perhaps a small percentage of the really rich people, you know, it’s maybe some of them might be very rich, but it’s not even real riches and most truly successful and rich people, they made it because of they really believed in what they were doing. Most of them didn’t even care if they were going to fail, that’s not even the point, like I said, it’s they’re seeking something much deeper than what can ever be manifested in this world.

So on that note this has been Sharif. I hope this provided some insight, some consciousness… This is going to be on the blog of course and I’ll catch you next time. Take care. Much love. Peace.

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