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Daily Drawing: Digitizing From the Archives

Today’s Daily Drawing I’m doing something a little different and transferring some of my sketches from about 15 years ago or so to digital form. The first step completed is simply converting the light grey sketches to black and white, adjusting it in Photoshop to make it easy to vectorize manually later. I will continue with the world I was illustrating in the last several Daily Drawings posts, with more character designs and higher quality redone drawings of some of the same images as well as the building up of a whole new montage based on that world.
As for today’s work. I picked a selection mainly stemming from a period in my early to mid teens where I was excited about newer anime styles coming out in the late 90s and early 00s, as well as some character design practice. I am digitizing these selected sketches mainly for interest, archival, learning, reference and hopefully inspiration while reincarnating the kind of wrok I meant to do back then (since I started doing digitization not many years before these picture were drawn and I probably meant to digitize them but got overshadowed by other work).


So as you can see, I’ve simply edited the gray pencil sketches to high contrast black and white. The next step is to illustrate them in vectors and finally colour them. I will pick 2-3 of the above images to do that and, just like all of the Daily Drawing series, I will keep new media updated right here on this page.

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