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#NerdTalk Advantages of Installing WordPress LocalHost




Hi everybody out there in cyber space!

Tonight I’m going to be talking about what the advantages of installing WordPress locally rather than online.

Usually when you install WordPress it’s online but it’s notorious for being quite slow during the editing because WordPress itself is based on PHP and can be quite slow, that’s why I suggest for your WordPress site you make it as lean as possible as fast as possible with different kinds of methods such as caching and compression, just minimalism where you can. Keep things to necessity not just widgets galore (Haha… if you know what I mean) be careful what you use over there.

Why would you want to do it offline not online, locally? For one thing editing becomes much faster. That problem I just stated [with widgets] would not exist because it’s local, it’s not loading through all sorts of data transfers back and forth talking to each other; that stuff is not happening distantly; it’s happening right on your computer. That’s one reason because it’s faster, the most obvious reason.

Another reason let’s say you want to install a multisite, let’s say you do not want to crash it, you can test that and so on … For example you want to try different themes but you don’t want to change the site as you’re going, you can use your preview, but sometimes that’s not good enough, you actually want to implement your whole site. Other times you might want to see what it’s like published or as a whole site, not just one little preview …but you don’t want to put it online yet, well, there’s a perfect place, offline locally with a local host.

You use XAMPP to do it, in your OS of choice, I’m pretty sure it’s on the main three OSs if I’m not mistaken. I did it on Windows personally. It uses Apache and MySQL to create this … virtual database, if I understand correctly, and you might have to configure some things like, for example the inbound connections on your firewall. You might have to create certain rules for certain ports but you can just look up the tutorials online. I just looked it up on Google. You can search for those terms, “Installing WordPress Locally” which I noticed got the best results.

But I wanted to talk about a not so obvious advantage of installing it locally. It has to do with WordPress itself. When it comes to making several kinds of posts and pages, it is among the most convenient out of the CMSs out there, that’s why it’s so popular, so if you want to save a page into a PDF, it is a perfect way to do it. If you have Adobe Acrobat as well, you can put PDFs together for bigger documents.

So it’s great either for things you’re doing privately or for things you want to release later publicly so it’s really a great tool in multiple different ways.

Another example, you can even test different interfaces and systems with more deep editing in the CSS or the PHP and making sure you’re not crashing the WordPress. That’s another one, making sure you’re not crashing the online version. You can test it and so on. You can also try …certain riskier moves on there. See if you can pull them off there first before doing it online.

I hope that helped you out there to learn what are the advantages of installing WordPress locally through a local host online.

Good luck with it …

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