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Daily Drawing: Graphic Novel P. 2 (Design, Poem, & 3D Animation) [V. 3 Update] #Draft

Today’s page features the spectre of “The Great Beast” a humungous dark force of nasty beings out to drain the life force of everything flying onto the horizon. We then see an ancient lizard master handing a special weapon. Finally we see the city ninja girl with the weapon in hand ready to defeat ghosts in the city. Here’s the poem to go along with the story.


Unlike ever before
A force that threatens the war
Putting everything on stop
Now darkness is on top
And everyone needs to know
And so the cover we blow

It was not superstition
We reveal the true mission
Of all of man
It’s in his hands
But first she must toast
Multitudinous ghosts
So that all can be clear
And the truth kills all fear

With a world so advanced
Yet magic has enhanced
It since ancient eras
But not all were so clever
For human magic to be
Used positively

But soon we must unite
To make all wrongs right
Finally defeating the nightmare
We only need our hearts to care
This cannot be sudden
First mages must be summoned

She’s a city ninja mage
Withe her weapon engaged
It contains ancient power
All for this hour
The old master bequeathed
Now she must defeat
Spirits that suck life force
It’s her destined course

Stay tuned on this page for more to come based on the sketch including digital art, animation and music.


After blocking in the shapes with Illustrator:

I painted in the details:

Back into the Board

From there I brought back the opacity and put it back into the board:

Here’s a detail form the above shot:


Just to match the theme of today, I took my already prepared models for this project and did a quick animation from over the shoulder to capture the feel of the Ninja Girl in the City. I also used logo type from a previous graphic design I did around this theme

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