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Daily Drawing: Graphic Novel Pg. 1 (Pencils, Poem, Animation, & Scoring) [Update 4] #Draft

Last night, I decided, as I do every once in a while, to updated my schedule. Sometimes I do so in order to increase focus, minimize waste and produce at the highest efficiency. This time I modified my schedule to increase the challenge I put on myself to increase my productivity, output, and progress. This practice will also accelerate my improvement, affirm my abilities and make it easier to get more done in one day. One of the major updates was adding daily drawing which is what you see above.

It is a page for a graphic novel I’m working on meant to divulge the story of my own world which I have created, meant to hold several stories, characters, quests and worlds within. This all connects back to other projects you may have seen on the site like “City Ninja” but covering the back story, from a much broader and integral scope, since “City Ninja” is only one tiny spec within the larger world. To accompany my first pencils for this project I also wrote a poem to summarize the farthest reaching aspects of the story in the fewest words:

The Drama of Time

They were once on the same side
But with growth there is pride
So they grew apart
And advanced each unique
For the light beings mission
Or the technological technique

A war erupts
threatens all space
Between the corrupt
And the military base
Of the skies, eyes set
On a new race to bet

Made up of many bloods
Formed like out of mud
The superior beings
The light ones overseen
Through the war forces brute
The old races don’t suit

They want to take over
But if they do its game over
For the human race made
To be perfect and never fade

So now the war is of the mind
By the ties that bind
Between the crude and the divine
We are intertwined
In the drama of time

Vectorizing The Creature

I went ahead and digitized the creature into vector form in Illustrator as you can see in the above screen shot. Each limb is in its own layer making it easy to do some light pre-visual animation in After Effects.

Putting It Back Into The PAnel

I then proceeded to put it pack in the panel to see how it looks back in the story. This is all early stages just to build up a feeling bit by bit and layer by layer until I have all I need for the final project.


Close-up of the vector from sketch:


As I mentioned above, it is not so hard, after vectorizing the image at different layers to set up an animation. I ironically added a bit more detail since the last screenshot in the meantime:

Start of a Score


Rough version of the score done in FL Studio.

Continuing The Score

After exporting the MIDI out of the FL Studio project and bringing it into a new Studio One project, I put together an updated, enhanced and mixed version. This is not the end however as I will record some live instrumentation and modify some final details of the current piece:

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