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Balancing Your Field With Your Role

It is more important that your abilities compliment your targeted position rather than match.

In my current business plan, I have divided it into 3 divisions: A Marketing division, a Publicity division and a Production division.

I used to impulsively think, based on appearances, that being organized is the most important aspect to marketing, seeing business as mainly derived from management. I also used to think that creativity was the most important ability in communications since I looked at it as expression driven. Finally I used to and still think that the production part is based on direction.

Assignment Confusion

However in terms of marketing and publicity I had the roles reversed. Being creative in communications is not as important as being organized because the amount of diversity required for a good outreach program requires a high level of organization. I didn’t understand that before. Being organized in marketing seems like the way to go, but instead I realized that you cannot differentiate your business unless you solve bigger more important problems, organization can solve many small problems, however creativity can solve bigger problems and business is a bigger problem, so creativity is crucial to marketing.

Publicity is full of little problems, that’s why organization in it is important. Production however, is very flexible and that is why it is crucial to have a consistently strong vision or direction when producing or creating. I knew that before since production has always been my focus. I was just happy to enlighten to the fact that you get better results when you balance against your field rather than assimilate to it.

Publicity & Communications

For example, if I am a publicist and I spend all my time doing the perfect graphic design, I may lose the time and effort required to communicate effectively and broadly at once. A good graphic design is just one small part of communications so with proper organization you are able to manage all the things you can in communication, including face-to-face, text, speech, presentation, and a very large amount of media formats. The creative person gets lost here because creativity lends itself better to situations where one wants solve a big problem, but is stuck with doing small tasks in the publicity division that are not requiring such a high level of concentration each, just a consistent clear quality in a highly diverse output of formats. That’s why a very organized and integrated workflow will help the most when dealing with publicity.

Business & Marketing

Another example; If I am the CEO and I only focus on management, what happens is everything gets nicely planned and in order but nothing actually gets done. Being organized as a CEO is of course important especially to help delegation, but really it is less the priority of a CEO. The CEO’s main priority is generating interest, support, income, growing assets, etc… If the CEO spends all his time organizing his company, instead of strategizing and making business moves, he will be too tired to solve the most important problems and even if the company is very orderly, it will probably fail or constantly need an external saving grace to survive. By being creative however the CEO is able to solve the greatest problems in research & development which will constantly allow him to understand what is the most effective way to grow the company, which is his priority.

Production & Project Management

Finally as a director of production, one may want to show off their creativity with some neat design, or an interesting play of words and so on… however this can all distract from the main point of the director. The director is not there to decide every tiny detail, though of course he can help or provide guidance, depending on the case, but the director is really there to stay true to the ultimate vision and constantly remind everybody on the project of that vision, constantly guiding the project towards that vision and helping to fix it when certain parts go on a inappropriate path. He has to be able to say “No.” every time something is introduced that doesn’t align with the vision, and only do the things that will realize that intended product.

Right Skills Wrong Job

As many others may have observed, I have noticed through the course of my life a strange phenomena again and again, oftentimes the right people are doing the wrong jobs. The above concepts deal with that issue within a business context. Oftentimes people may not feel happy with their jobs, do not feel like they are making the most of their potential, and do not feel like they are doing the right thing in the right place. A lot of people may, erroneously judge the nature of a profession as perfectly aligning with their strengths, but knowing the above, it is more important that your abilities compliment your targeted position rather than match.

Thus this principle can be applied to any profession, position or field of work; before assuming it is your passion and match think about what kind of value you are going to bring to that world. Chances are if you are only mirroring the nature of the work, you will have a hard time adding value to the table and doing something new, not because you lack the ability to do so, but because you are not complimenting or balancing the work that way, meaning it is hard to cultivate growth. You may be surprised to find out that a scientific individual is more valuable to the arts and vice versa, but this is often overlooked with the belief that a contrasting field will be unfulfilling, ironically feeling unfulfilled with the chosen work that seemed to be a match. This is yet another way to differentiate yourself against the competition while staying in your discomfort zone.

Things are not always what they seem, and nothing new ever came out of a vacuum.

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