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So What Is The Key To Growth Hacking on Twitter Anyway?

The key is to do those things daily

Two months prior, I was speaking to my brother at my nephew’s birthday, and somehow my Twitter follower count came up. He was impressed that my Twitter reached 23k total followers. I told him it wasn’t anything really, just hard work. I told him that I would amplify my growth speed.

Sure enough eight weeks later and my account had reached 33k followers, my brother asked me “How did you do it?” and I told him that it was the same thing I told him on a previous occasion when I was giving him some tips for growing a Twitter account, similar to my last article about that available here.

Just as I have already laid out some ground rules for growth in my other article, I can explain what perhaps makes me different, or what to potentially emphasize on your growth campaign.

Targeting is Win-Win

Don’t just follow anyone. Though it does help to be open minded and follow as many people you think would want to connect with you, however targeting is the key to mutual benefit. Look for people who share the same interests, who you could have a conversation with in real life, a coffee or perhaps a beer with. This is good for them, since your following is more accepted and good for you as you are more likely to get followed back that way, which could develop into an important relationship.

Stay Consistent

Those tips I gave in my previous article on the subject (14 Tips…) isn’t something you do once and expect your Twitter to explode in followers overnight. The key is to do those things daily, or as close to daily as possible within Twitter’s rules. This means it needs to be in your schedule as part of your social media outreach, not an afterthought.

This tip also applies to the kind of content you put out there. You might be like me with a lot of diverse and multitudinous interests, yet I keep that circle of interests small enough to have an observable cycle or rotation of the areas of interest I present so while I may have an article on meditation, an article on WYSIWYG software, and another about being a magazine model, all in the same blog however there is a pattern, where there is a parallel of series’ so there are multiple meditation or related articles, multiple technology articles, and multiple personal career articles meaning there is a certain scope and circle of topics being covered regardless of the level of their perceived deviation from one another. In fact the unique combination that only you would put together carves your niche.

You have to see yourself as an editor or curator that covers what you deeply invest yourself into and stick to that. Maybe it’s only one thing for you, or another likes to cover even more topics than me, like an all out newspaper style content menu for instance. I prefer a magazine style content base, someone else may prefer a more podcast style putting a lot of time and angles on a very specific aspect of a problem. The magazine style is somewhere in between the general newspaper or specific podcast and sometimes has elements of both. That is most suited to me but go with what gels best with your style.

Passive Growth

If you’ve been growing your Twitter account, or even other social media or similar platform accounts, you may notice a phenomena where your account gains momentum and its growth is no longer generated by your actions alone. Your account takes a life of its own and its own consistency of growth propels even more growth independently like a snowball effect.

This can surprisingly be a bad thing if you don’t stay true to my last tip. I’m not suggesting you never step out of your usual interests but to always keep your core values that guide or influence your interests to remain integral to where you truly stand, consistently representing who you actually are at any given time since it’s easier to always be honest than to have to create a lie in order to hide or substantiate another lie and so on until you can’t keep up yourself.

The reason why passive growth can be bad when you’re not true to your vision, taste or message is that you can get people who follow you for the wrong reasons or lose followers which could be important connections in the future, so be wary of trying to be deceptive as it may only hurt you in the long run.

there is more you can do to interact with your followers

Proactive Interaction

Though you might like a thing or two here and there from those you are following and give them a favourite heart (or ‘love’?) for what they’re posting and the occasional retweet, there is more you can do to interact with your followers. You really need to be positive and show your love really try to feature others and what they’re saying when it’s in line with your voice as well. Don’t be afraid to get into @mention conversations with others openly highlighting points you like from who you’re talking to with retweets, as this creates a positive community energy.

Stand Your Ground

Some people are going to come at you with reactions to your tweets which may be negative, and though I recommend to ignore or block all-out trolls if it gets to the extreme, for people who are authentically expressing themselves with different views or questions, they should be engaged in a proper discussion, hopefully clearing up anything having to do with what you mean with your tweets, not having to justify anything, but rather substantiate or further illustrate on what you’re already saying as opposed to changing it unless doing so brings greater clarity for your pivotal values.

Consider Power Tweeting

I don’t only have a lot of followers but I follow a lot of people on Twitter, this gives me some perspective on just how active Twitter is, how many tweets are posted a second, how easy it is to miss certain tweets based on the time you tweet, how you word or frame the tweet, the day you tweet, the season, the month, current events or trends, all of these things including what your followers’ Twitter behaviour is like, all have an affect on whether or not your Tweets are even being seen by who you want to see them.

That’s why it is valuable to tweet often, to sometimes tweet the same things under different conditions or to tweet new angles on similar topics and keep that rotation of interests highlighting the best materials at different times for different followers who are on live at different times. Though do weigh your options before considering this as some casual users who don’t follow a lot of people may be put off by this, however considering current standards, without turning on notifications for your account (unless you are looking for followers to do that, and can modify your strategy accordingly) it shouldn’t cause too much of a nuisance these days.

Care About Your Twitter

I know this sounds obvious and is in a sense reiterating what the overall message of my last article on this subject was, but this is something that is vital and may require you to take a step back to see the forest before the trees in terms of what your account expresses to people who visit your profile page or those whom are reading your tweets. The more you take the action that reflects that you care, not in a pretentious or artificial way, but a genuine and pure way, the more you will attract the kind of people who care themselves as well about what you’re representing beyond just a passing fad or trendy happenstance.

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