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A Process For Music Track Production

Sometimes minimalism works best.

Here is a music production process for reference, which I’ve used built upon my various workflows and experience, this is of course flexible and different parts could be swapped out or ordered differently, changed but this is one that can be looked as an inspiration or template:

1. After good song is written

2. Arrangement is made

3. Vocal version is recorded.

4. Live instrumentation is recorded

5. Audio is used as reference for step sequence

6. Step sequence is humanized

7. Main audio tracks are used to generate akoff styles

8. Everything is put into DAW and certain tracks are kept, deleted or tracked

9. Sequence is edited, sounds are designed and assigned

10. A DJ sample version of the tune is made on new tracks

11. The mix is simplified and effected

12. The production is mixed and mastered

Key points here are that the song needs to be good, the live performance be raw but tight and on point, the instrumentation be next level, the step sequence be precise, the humanization to work, the tracking to be checked or edited, the audio files properly shaped, the assigned sounds to be original yet relevant and work together well, the sampling to match magically, the mix to harmonize, unify and make everything fit and move around simultaneously without clashing, finally adding dynamics with simplification of parts, progressiveness, buildup, silence, soloed, intros, outros, edits, and so on only if needed, the master turns all into one sound that doesn’t lower the integrity of the work but instead beautifies it and lifts it and the listener higher.

Remember that more is not necessarily better all the time and straightness cuts through.

Sometimes minimalism works best.

Even though I have the above process for developing the final product as much as possible, keep in mind to stay true to the original at the same time.

Another Angle Completely

I suppose if my vision was immaculately perfect down to the last detail yet having not lost sight of the bigger picture with everything working together, the process would not matter as much. Such workflows and processes being pre planned is only good for figuring out what every last detail of the final vision will be while working with the incomplete or rough vision you have. If your vision wasn’t rough you could just go ahead and do it without planning, because the plan would already be known, accounted for and perfectly designed in your head, so you could just do it without advanced thinking. If you had such vision it would be more efficient than any workflow I could ever come up with.

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