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Ambition Pros & Cons

As many have noted, it’s not the medium but how it’s invested.

In our modern society ambition has become a dirty word while in the world of business it is sometimes used in a positive light. The negative connotation now fashioned upon the word most likely stems from the ambition of some of the most harmful people to human kind in high positions of power, yet this fails to recognize the same level of goodness that may have resulted from ambition. As many have noted, it’s not the medium but how it’s invested.

Thus ambition has both pros and cons. The pros would be based on establishing a large compelling vision to create a new world where everyone can participate and have their own personal story over the grand scheme of that universe and overarching epic where everyone can share it as a reference with their own individualized memories. While ambition for purely a medium like money or power in and of itself could lead someone to act childishly, callously or cruelly negatively affecting the lives of others by taking their rights away by influencing politician through lobbying or other tactics.

I personally think that the ideal then would be to leverage the positive aspects of ambition to the maximum as that is what all large successful businesses or organizations are able to accomplish when they are not inheriting or worsening the level of corruption or complexity of society.

What makes it a pro or a con?

I’ve noted that when the angle is creative such as the cultivation of an original world, ambition is a positive thing. However when it is destructive ambition can be the worst thing. So all in all we come to understand that ambition is a powerful thing and thus important to be utilized in the right way. This seems to be towards growth rather than scarcity.

In the end creativity will play a central role in your research and development as you confidently direct and manage moderation.

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